Project Management

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Our Project Management team partners with subject matter experts, our clients, and their customers to create something meaningful, together.


Program & Project Management

With dozens of channels and platforms to optimize, enterprise marketing has become complicated to orchestrate effectively and efficiently. Our Producers and Program Managers specialize in managing complex cross-channel programs. We bring together the right experts at the right points to ensure clients realize the benefits of an integrated approach. Our proactive planning is collaborative, aligning teams and the work to achieve business goals. The Project Managers identify and mitigate risks with a solution-oriented approach. We build trust by proving our expertise, communicating proactively, and delivering on commitments.

Website Redesigns and Site Builds

Website projects can make or break your reputation, so they need to be professionally managed to ensure a positive outcome. Our Technical Project Managers specialize in website redesigns and from-scratch builds. We are experienced in agile, waterfall, and iterative methodologies. For each project, we work with the client stakeholders to select the best approach. We help clients successfully execute these complex, high-investment projects by guiding them through a proven process with strategic deliverables that ensure the website is scalable, maintainable, and optimized for paid, earned, and owned media.


  • Risk Planning & Mitigation

  • Team & Task Management

  • Budget, Timeline & Process Management

  • Progress Monitoring & Reporting

RFP Development & Managementent

Selecting a great partner is a key decision that determines whether or not you’re going to meet your goals. This can be especially challenging when the very reason why you’re bringing in a partner is because you lack the subject matter expertise you’re seeking. We help develop, manage, evaluate, and recommend the best partner for your needs. We come with the subject matter expertise needed to effectively evaluate proposals. We’ll determine if a vendor’s process, scope, budget, and timeline will realistically deliver quality work.


  • RFP Development

  • Vendor Identification & Outreach

  • Proposal Evaluations

  • Risk Assessment & Recommendations

"What I want to share is how impressed I am by the way Red Door tirelessly puts the client first! Since the beginning of this project, your team has been focused on creating (and committed to delivering) the ultimate customer experience."

Marcie Peters, CEO, United Salt

PMO Planning & Implementation

Marketing operations don’t run smoothly when each stakeholder uses their own custom approach, especially if you have high turnover or growth. Process documentation helps a company successfully navigate organizational growth. It improves operations as well as the employee and customer experiences. Red Door Interactive’s PMO (Project Management Office) consulting services help you stand-up a resource for training and onboarding employees and customers. This brings clarity and alignment to day-to-day activities and allows you to realize economies of repetition. Your employees will be more productive each day and your customers will experience a well-managed process.


  • PMO Charter & Roadmap

  • Structure & Process Definition

  • Implementation

  • Roll-Out & Training

PM Standards Definitions & Training

While project management was once a behind-the-scenes administrative discipline, it is now a leadership position, requiring one to establish strong relationships with both internal stakeholders and external partners. Set your Projects Managers up for success with training from our PMP-certified experts. Our project management training focuses on how to effectively communicate, manage meetings, plan projects, work with various team types, and identify risks to prevent issues.


  • Training Plans

  • Process & Template Development

  • Live & Recorded Trainings

  • PMP or Agile Certification Planning


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Creative & Brand Strategy

Our creative services help uncover the core purpose of a brand, then articulate it in unique and authentic ways.


Using the latest analytics tactics, we get you stronger insights. Our data analysts will tell you what happened, plus what will happen — and why — for a better bottom line.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Want to increase visitors? Or boost purchases? No matter your KPI, our comprehensive planning approach to CRO services will improve the customer journey.

MarTech & Data Science

Time is money. From streamlining your MarTech stack to cleaning up your data, our digital marketing solutions will boost your efficiency — and deliver more meaningful insights.

Paid Media

Want to reach the right audience, at the right time? Enter: Our Paid Media team. Backed by cutting-edge marketing solutions, they’ll help you turn data into engagements.


Can your customers find you online? Our SEO marketing services are here to do just that. With a human-first approach to search strategy, you’ll build lasting connections.

Social & Content

To drive traffic and engage customers, you need a sound content strategy that cuts through all the noise. Our social media and content marketing services are here to help.

Web Development & Technology

To make money, your website needs to stay up and running — and evolve as your customers do. Backed by the latest digital tactics, our web development services deliver.

Project Management

Want your project to go off without a hitch? Collaboration is key. Our team partners with subject matter experts, you, and your customers to exceed your marketing goals.

Marketing Consulting

Not 100% on your strategy? Our Business Managers can help. By becoming experts on your business, they’re able to deliver marketing solutions that meet and exceed your goals.

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