Epicuren: Boosting organic visibility

Formulating an effective SEO solution

What do you do when you are a high-end, organic beauty brand and your organic search rankings are not performing? You revamp your eCommerce site’s SEO and content strategies. That is exactly what Red Door did — with the ultimate goal of increasing online sales. 

Services Provided

The challenge

Epicuren needed to boost their sales from organic search results. They had virtually no organic visibility for DTC (Direct-to-Consumer) eCommerce pages. Not only that, but their products and content did not rank prominently in the first page of search results, and organic search was only driving a small percentage of sales. 

Our Approach

Red Door catered our approach to their needs by implementing technical best practices and content-focused SEO tactics to drive organic visibility for priority pages on This would include new keyword research and mapping, a technical SEO audit, content audit, competitive gap analysis, and redirect mapping for their redesigned site. 

The Solution

To make the revamp a successful one, we improved organic search visibility by identifying and improving various aspects of the site. Here is a detailed breakdown:

As part of our technical SEO audit, we:
  • Fixed incorrect URLs in the sitemap
  • Fixed broken links & 404 errors
  • Implemented an internal linking structure
  • Fixed missing structured data
For the content audit, we optimized the following elements to improve performance in search results: 
  • Title tags 
  • Meta descriptions 
  • H1-H6 headings 
  • Link anchor text 
  • Image alt text 
  • Page copy 
Finally, we created new content as part of our website redesign project, based on our content gap analysis of Epicuren and their top three competitors. Topics included:
  • Skin types (oily, dry, sensitive, etc.) 
  • Cleansers & masks 
  • Product ingredients 
  • Moisturizers


The Results

Through our careful assessment of and tailored SEO tactics, we positioned the beauty brand in organic search results as the prestige skincare provider. The numbers are stunning:

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