Red Door Interactive x One Club: Empowering Tomorrow's Creative Talent

Insights / 10.06.2023

10/25/2023 5:13:18 PM Red Door Interactive http://www.reddoor.biz Red Door Interactive
The national chapter of The One Club for Creativity reached out to Red Door to be a founding partner of their new project, ONE Creator Lab — a program where students with little to no experience can learn digital marketing through EDU-tainment style content. Together, we are helping to upskill the next generation of creators.

Our first task: Break down a topic we know and do well — performance marketing — in the form of 12 snackable videos featuring our SMEs. Red Door CEO, Reid Carr starts the series by explaining "what is performance marketing?" He also introduces key channel areas like email marketing, paid media, and search engine optimization, aka SEO.


What Is Performance Marketing? 

Performance Marketing 101: Email Marketing

Meghan Pontius, Red Door’s Manager of Social and Content, breaks down the role of email marketing, diving into this permission-based tool that guides consumers down the funnel. She explores the fundamentals of email marketing and breaks down its role in each part of the customer journey. Learn more about email marketing, how it integrates with paid media and the synergy between email marketing and SEO, and beyond.

Performance Marketing 101: Paid Media

Red Door’s Director of Paid Media, Brian Van Voorst, talks about the role of Paid Media in performance marketing and how new consumer expectations are changing the paid media landscape. He dives into the nuances of TikTok ads and Instagram ads, with particular emphasis on new formats like Reels, and discusses the growing importance of social proof and content in paid media. 

Performance Marketing 101: Search Engine Optimization

It’s no secret that search engines are getting smarter every day. Angie Stuart, Red Door’s Manager of SEO, explores how to evolve your search engine optimization strategy for continued success. She also shares how a user-first mentality can get you the best results—wondering how SEO can support your email and paid efforts? This video series covers that, too.  

Red Door Interactive to Host Creator Learning Pod


Red Door's involvement in the ONE Creator Lab program goes beyond creating bite-sized videos. As part of our commitment to help the next generation of creators learn digital marketing, two of our SMEs, Meghan Pontius, Red Door's Manager of Social and Content, and Creative Director, Tom Gibson, will be participating as hosts of the first creator learning pod. Over the course of 20 weeks, they will expose creators to Red Door's unique Help Each Other Win culture and mentor them on the latest performance marketing tactics. To learn more, visit ONECreatorLab.org.

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