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Vokey Design wedges is one of six categories of clubs by the golf brand Titleist. Vokey is a frontrunner in the wedge category, but strives to further differentiate their products through education, fitting, and performance leadership.

In 2016, we were tasked to launch the new SM6 wedge. Vokey was looking for a partner that could handle the intricacies of a premium brand, and so we worked very closely with them to make sure we understood their needs. Ultimately, we not only developed a concept for launch, but a strategy to help our client sell it through to their internal team.

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Bringing craftsmanship and innovation to life

The SM6 launch consisted of a full website redesign, bringing the story of golf technology, the wedge category, and the new SM6 to life in an authentic, compelling way. Because of the success of the new site in connecting users with relevant content, we were brought in again for the launch of SM7 the following year. Building off the foundation we had already laid down for SM6, we were able to dive deeper into the product detail experience, as well as more technical education. Beyond the site updates, we also provided a marketing channel and content launch strategy, ensuring the right message was delivered in the right places, at the right time.

Brand development and recognition

As part of the SM6 launch, we wanted to further elevate the Vokey brand and position it as a leader in technology and craft. With supporting product pages on Vokey innovation and a special bio page for club designer Bob Vokey, we continued to round out the unique Vokey Design story.

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Wedge education

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A big challenge in launching SM6 was the varied golfer knowledge about how to select a wedge fit to their swing and course conditions, and how to properly utilize the club’s design. We worked closely with the Vokey team to understand these nuances, so we could authentically translate that story to golfers and promote the correlation between wedges and shooting lower scores.

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Wedge selector tool

The SM7 launch involved a more in-depth experience around the individual wedges, targeting gearheads and novice golfers alike. Pivotal to these efforts was our wedge selector tool, helping users find the best wedge for their game. And the impact was staggering—in the first three weeks of launch, the tool had over 20,000 completed uses, showing how many golfers wanted custom recommendations.

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"Working with Red Door provided our team with a new standard for a Brand/Agency partnership. Through open and transparent communication of team strengths and weaknesses, we have been able to find incredible value and efficiency across all of our projects with Red Door, including creative design, website analytics and technical implementations. Quite simply, we're able to accomplish more, quickly."
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Creating technical solutions together

Throughout both redesign projects, we established a tight collaboration with the Vokey IT team, working within their own homegrown CMS to implement a responsive design and mobile-first mentality, as well as improve the ability for content editors to publish without help from IT. As a result, not only was content easier to manage on the backend, but easier to access from a user standpoint as well.

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Telling the right story across the right touch points

As we continued to work with Vokey as their marketing strategy partner, we saw an opportunity to help them meet their business goals by better leveraging their marketing data. At the time, all of Vokey’s data was living in different tools and managed by different experts, restricting their visibility into their overall business performance. So we recommended a dashboard tool to bring all of their data into one central place, and in near real-time.

Domo dashboard implementation

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Domo is a data visualization and reporting tool, allowing you to create streamlined, tailored dashboards around key data points. By working collaboratively with the Vokey team, we used Domo to design automated dashboards around their primary focuses, helping them to make better informed marketing decisions.

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Looking Ahead

Though the projects we worked on with Vokey were successful on paper, what made them truly special was the client relationship that developed as a result. By collaborating to solve business problems and challenging each other to always bring strategic points of view to the table, we were able to celebrate big wins as one cohesive team. As we look ahead to future product launches and a Domo implementation for the Titleist brand, we’re excited for how this unique relationship continues to strengthen and evolve.

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