Sun Bum: Boosting organic visibility

Formulating a sizzling SEO solution

For those who love and live under the sun, there’s Sun Bum. Their sun care products are vegan, hypoallergenic, reef friendly, cruelty free, tear free, and last but not least, mineral based. That was part of the problem — Sun Bum was showing up last for “mineral” related keywords. They called on Red Door’s SEO skills to bump them to the top of the results. 

Services Provided

The challenge

Sun Bum challenged us to boost traffic to their site from “mineral” related terms. They were up against a lot — including established brands. COOLA, Supergoop! and Badger Balm were already competing for mineral sunscreen-related terms. That’s not all. Amazon, CVS, and Target are also competitors of Sun Bum, since their products are sold there. We didn’t want to just hang (ten) with the best of them. We aimed to top them. 

Our Approach

As with all of our projects, we began with a deep dive into the brand — their competitors, target audience, messaging, and most importantly, Sun Bum’s search strategy. We set up monthly keyword reporting, in order to find the top terms related to mineral products. This reporting would lead to keyword mapping and sentiment analysis, aka, the start of a sizzling SEO solution. 


The Solution

To help Sun Bum rise through the ranks, we went to work optimizing their site — from top to bottom. Let’s break it down:

Mineral Collection Page - Keyword Mapping & Navigation

We used keyword mapping for titles and descriptions on the Mineral Collection page, based on keywords related to “clear zinc” and “mineral products.” We also added this page to the top navigation, making it more visible — and clickable.

Mineral Sunscreen Spray & Clear Zinc Pages - Keyword Strategy

For both pages, we implemented our keyword strategy within on-page elements, like meta titles, descriptions, headers, and throughout on-page copy. All done to support lower-funnel traffic.

Mineral vs. Non-Mineral Page - SIO (Search Intent Optimization)

We did a sentiment analysis on calling non-mineral terms “non-mineral” versus “chemical.” That led to an SIO strategy for this content page, to support long-tail keyword growth.

The Results

Through our thoughtful SEO moves, we positioned Sun Bum in organic search results, as the mineral sun care brand. Let’s roll on to the numbers.


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