Stone Buenaveza: Crafting the good life

It’s All Buena

Already known as a trailblazer in the IPA world, Stone Brewing came to us for help building a campaign around a new style of beer, with a whole different vibe—a Mexican lager, called Buenaveza.

Services Provided

The Challenge

Buenaveza is a shift from the typical offering from Stone, both in flavor profile and consumer mindset. This meant we had to find a way to not only break into the Mexican lager market, but also build a differentiating lifestyle around Buenaveza, positioning it as an approachable, fun, yet still top-quality beer.

Our Approach

Knowing our target audience’s emphasis on flavor, freshness, and authenticity, we created a campaign that brought all those things together under the mantra, “It’s All Buena.” This anthem was meant to establish the laid-back yet engaged lifestyle that Buenaveza affords, and highlight how it makes our unique SoCal experiences that much better.

Creative Development

We built high-energy, colorful creative assets to spread awareness of Buenaveza, with the intention of resonating with consumers open to seeking new experiences and taking what they already love to the next level.


Video Concepting & Production

To generate as much excitement as possible around our awareness campaign, we concepted, scripted, and produced a commercial spot, bringing to life the Buenaveza experience and an authentic SoCal vibe.

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