Rescu: A revolutionary approach to an old system

Bringing a new service to customers

Alarm Relay is an award-wining alarm company that offers monitoring services and security solutions for the home. As they prepared to roll out their Rescu app, a new service providing faster help in an emergency situation, they needed Red Door’s support with the product’s branding and launch strategy.

Services Provided

The Challenge

Not only was Red Door tasked with the branding of Rescu and introducing this entirely new product to the public, but we also had to educate on the current emergency dispatch process and its challenges in order to demonstrate the product’s value.

Logo design

As an emergency response app, the logo design for Rescu needed to quickly engage the viewer while also conveying an immediate sense of safety and trustworthiness. We went with the more modern approach of clean lines and a minimalistic feel to establish security, and brought in a hexagon shape as a symbol for balance, unity, and communication. The red in the color palette helps associate Rescu as an emergency service, while the connectivity lines speak to the functionality of the app itself.


Animated video series

We created a series of five animated videos to educate consumers on the issues that can arise when calling for emergency response, and how the new Rescu app helps avoid them. The animation approach allowed us to treat a serious topic in a manner that was still friendly, informative, and on-brand, and get across our message in an attention-grabbing way.


Product launch collateral

Beyond the animated videos, other marketing efforts supporting the launch of the Rescu app included: a landing page, banner ads, social ads, an email series, blog posts, printed sales postcards, a re-skin of the Alarm Relay homepage, app store product pages, and even the app onboarding design.


“It was a pleasure working with the RDI team on brand strategy and logo development for Watchlight’s sub-brand, Rescu. The RDI creative team is talented and professional. They created a brand and logo that our team is super proud of.”

Paolo Piscatelli, President / CEO

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