Komuso: Building a cohesive brand story

The power of breath

Komuso Design is a unique brand in the health and wellness industry, with products centered around a simple, yet life-changing practice—mindful breathing. With their business quickly growing, Komuso looked to us to help refresh their website to ensure they were telling the right story to their audience.

Services Provided

The Challenge

Before we could help establish the brand, the first challenge was creating awareness of the problem: namely, our improper breathing habits, and their connection to the way we think. Additionally, while Komuso already had a lot of ri content, they needed our support in unpacking and articulating their message.

Our Approach

From a messaging standpoint, our goal was to help craft the language to express the brand personality, and ensure the content flow told a cohesive story. Design-wise, we focused on refreshing the look and feel and overall user experience to reflect the new branding and evoke the right emotions. refresh

The Komuso website brand refresh consisted of a new color palette, typography, imagery, page structure, and messaging.


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