Stone Brewing: Building on the good life

A crafted approach to beer sales

After helping Stone Brewing launch and grow their new Buenaveza brand, Red Door had the opportunity to provide additional support in increasing awareness and sales for three other Stone products: the new Buenavida Hard Seltzer, Hazy IPA, and their standout Delicious IPA.   

Services Provided

The Challenge

Each beer we were promoting offered unique challenges. For Buenavida, we wanted to be able to build equity in the “Buena” family of beers by riding the momentum of Buenaveza, while for Stone’s Hazy IPA, we focused on establishing and differentiating their new beer in a sea of other hazy options. And for Delicious IPA, we needed to relaunch a flagship beer in a fresh way to help it maintain relevancy amongst the competition.   

Our Approach

To promote Beer Finder searches on the Stone website and ultimately beer purchases, we used a full-funnel approach across specific channels, strategically guiding our target audience from beer name recognition to conversion.   

The Solution

Our full-funnel strategy applied different tactics along the user’s purchase path: Top-of-funnel: To grow overall familiarity around our four beers in Stone’s target markets of Los Angeles, San Diego, and Richmond, we ran eye-catching awareness ads on Facebook/Instagram, Display, YouTube, and Connected TV. Middle-of-funnel: Once the brand name showed up more and more on these channels, our Google Search campaigns worked to capture those who directly searched for information on our beers, or where they could find them for purchase.   Bottom-of-funnel: We also tested out Add To Cart conversions utilizing MikMak as a landing page for users who were already familiar with Stone Brewing.


The Results

Stone Brewing’s 90-day rate of sale (the sales metric most closely linked to marketing) reached a three-year high, and continues to improve sell-through rate, gain traction, and show brand strength.

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