ASICS: Bringing hype to market

A new fashion-forward audience

ASICS is a global athletic gear company, with a dedicated following of elite athletes. However, to better appeal to the younger, trendsetter demographic, ASICS wanted to be able to expand their product into lifestyle apparel. With the launch of their JYUNI premium collection, ASICS tasked Red Door to help them gain the attention of a new “hype” consumer.

Services Provided

The challenge

The target audience for JYUNI was young streetwear enthusiasts, with a determination to stay ahead of the fashion curve by pursuing exclusive, limited-release apparel. Because this was uncharted territory for ASICS, we had to first understand the hype mentality of this consumer base—then develop a campaign that met those expectations.

Our approach

Our creative direction for the JYUNI campaign stemmed from the aesthetic of the collection itself—sleek, minimalist design, elegant craftsmanship, and the perfect balance of form and function. From a messaging perspective, we took an almost philosophical approach, inviting our audience into something bigger. The goal was to appeal to our young audience through the allure of exclusivity. 

JYUNI creative materials

Our JYUNI landing page was designed to share the story behind the collection, preview the products, and ultimately drive consumers to purchase. In addition, we also created supporting materials to help create awareness of the new apparel line, including a pre-launch splash page, homepage banners on the main ASICS website, and social promotion.


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