Speaker Series Recap: Embracing the Consumer Mindset in 2024

Insights / 02.16.2024
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Over the past few years, consumers' attitudes and beliefs have experienced a significant transformation, driven by a dynamic interaction of economic, political, and technological factors. Brands must recognize and understand these changes to remain relevant in the constantly evolving marketplace. 

At our recent Speaker Series event, 'For the Love of Insights,' Mallory Collins, Red Door's Director of Client Strategy, delved into four consumer mindsets for 2025 that were identified by global trend forecasting company WGSN - Dissociation, Idleness, Radical Acceptance, and Neo-Altruism. The session provided invaluable tips on how brands can embrace these mindsets. If you're curious to learn more about these four consumer mindsets and how brands can stay ahead of the curve, keep reading!  

The Dawn of a New Consumer Paradigm 

These mindsets represent a significant shift in how people interact with brands and make purchasing decisions. By embracing them, brands can create positive experiences for their customers, building lasting relationships. In today's world, where the boundaries between physical and digital worlds are blurred and crises are overlapping, individuals are seeking authenticity and meaningful connections with brands. 

Embracing Dissociation: The Great Escape 

Dissociation is an intriguing phenomenon, a coping mechanism for the overload of anxiety inducing changes and news. Consumers often seek out digital or collective experiences that can help them disconnect from their constantly connected lives. For brands, this presents a unique opportunity to be a source of respite and joy in a world full of responsibilities. By offering engaging, immersive, and joyful experiences, brands can become a much-needed oasis for those seeking a break from the digital overload. 

Case in Point: Escaping uncomfortable emotions  

An example of dissociation can be found in this year's Coors Light Superbowl commercial when a woman brings home what appears to be her significant other, but he is wearing the wrong jersey. To break the ice or, in this instance, bring the 'chill,' the woman quickly offers everyone a Coors Light. Suddenly, a Coors Light Bullet train appears, turning what could have been an uncomfortable moment into a fascinating experience for everyone involved. 

The Art of Idleness: Creativity Unleashed 

In a culture that valorizes the go-getter, the idle stand out for reclaiming their time for undirected mental wanderings. Brands attuned to idleness understand that moments of inactivity are not wasted but rather fertile ground for creativity. 

Leading by Example: Brands that Embrace the Idle 

Red Door’s client, Stone Brewing, is a well-established and highly regarded brand, particularly known for its IPA. They have a strong presence and a dedicated following. However, their new Mexican lager, Buenaveza, posed an interesting challenge, targeting a different demographic. To effectively convey the essence of Buenaveza, we needed a unique approach that captured its story. That's when we came up with the tagline and concept: "It's all Buena." This phrase embodies those moments of leisure, relaxation, and idleness. It's about taking a break, unwinding, and simply embracing the good things in life. 

Radical Acceptance: The New Zen 

Embracing life's chaos and accepting reality can lead to contentment and adaptability. Brands that embrace radical acceptance are transparent, value-driven, and provide tools for resilience. 

Accepting a new reality 

Chris Pratt, with a stylish mustache, casually wanders through the aisles of a gas station convenience store. As he grabs a can of Pringles, the observant attendant can't help but notice his striking resemblance to Mr. P and enthusiastically points it out. At first, Chris is taken aback and slightly irritated by the attention. However, fate has different plans in store for him. A picture of Chris next to the Pringles can rapidly goes viral, capturing the attention of the masses. Suddenly, his phone rings, bringing an unexpected offer. It's an opportunity for Chris to portray the iconic Mr. P and share his own unique story. Embracing the role with open arms, he accepts. 

Neo-Altruism: Acts of Kindness Amplified 

We all have a natural inclination to do good for others and experience the happiness that comes with it. Neo-altruism is all about embracing this mindset and spreading kindness and generosity. By incorporating these values into their brand, companies can become an integral part of society and shine with a compassionate spirit. 

Case Study: Founded on Finding You 

Point Loma approached us because they faced challenges with their postgraduate program's marketing. Our goal was to establish their presence, showcase their programs, and highlight their stunning campus in the Point Loma area. Through thorough research, we discovered that Point Loma possesses a unique quality beyond their undergraduate offerings – a deep sense of purpose. Their mission is to help individuals find their calling and fulfill their true potential, moving beyond mere educational checkboxes. If you resonate with this philosophy, Point Loma might be your perfect fit. We crafted an ongoing campaign, "Founded on Finding You," which encapsulates their commitment to guiding and supporting students' journeys. A campaign that fully embodied their mission as an institution to help you thrive. 

Translating Insight into Action 

Understanding these consumer mindsets is only the starting line. To benefit from this comprehension, brands must craft strategies and messages that speak directly to the consumer psyche of 2025. This comprehensive analysis demands a reevaluation not only of marketing tactics but the very fabric of brand identity. 

Efforts should come from the foundation of your brand's unique purpose, core values, and voice. It's about creating a story that resonates on a human level, using every asset at your disposal—be it color, typography, or the language you use in your content. Harness the power of imagery to evoke emotions and lean into the strategic platforms that amplify your message. 

The key is to remain agile, empathetic, and acutely attuned to the shifts in consumer thinking and to translate this awareness into meaningful, impactful campaigns that enrich customers' lives. 


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