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Culture / 01.30.2015
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We know that February is on the horizon when storefronts trade in their holiday red and green for Valentine’s red and pink, and restaurants begin conspicuously advertising their “Lovebirds’ Special” or “Dine with Your Valentine”! So, in the spirit of all things glittered, stuffed, and heart-shaped, Red Door presents 14 members of our executive and managerial teams to share what WE love – one Reddoorian for each day leading up to Valentine’s Day!

1. John Faris – VP of Cross Channel Marketing

My Passions: I love to travel and surf as much as possible, as well as watch the SF Giants, Chargers, UFC, and a bit of soccer.
My Tools: I love using Nuzzel.com to surface popular content from my Twitter network, and GetPocket.com to save stories for later. 
My Workplace: I love our passion for doing great work together with a spirit of positivity and support.

2. Anne Buehner – Social Media Manager

My Passions: I love getting lost in another world through reading. I also love sunsets and conversations related to dreaming or scheming future plans, as well as playing card games (I’m very competitive, so take caution).
My Tools: I love Skimm, a daily email with a round-up of news written in a fun, scannable way. I also love the podcasts that I listen to (Ted Talks, The Lede, and NPR Fresh Air, to name a few) and Pinterest – I’d be lost without my eye candy.
My Workplace: I love the brilliant, creative people who are collaborative and responsible. 

3. Reid Carr – President & CEO

My Passions: I love playing and training for sports.  With a passion for optimizing performance and maximizing potential, sports provide this personal outlet for me. 
My Tools: I love Google. I look everything up – if I have a question, I want to know the answer. Google is my gateway to knowledge (or, a Seinfeld clip that had been referenced).
My Workplace: I love to learn about the people at Red Door and then see them apply their knowledge and smarts to whatever is thrown at us. 

4. Ron Hadler – Director of Marketing Technology

My Passions: I love being a foodie – making my own cheese from raw goat milk while experiencing a glass of wine always makes me smile. 
My Tools: I love gathering, transforming, analyzing, presenting, and owning data. I also love my Chromebook 2 because it’s the perfect computer for my lap that costs under $300. 
My Workplace: I love Red Door for being 100% jerk-free. Steve Jobs may have been brilliant, but I would not have wanted to work with him. 

5. Jordan Kasteler – Senior SEO Manager

My Passions: I love educating others about environmental sustainability, social equality, and overall impacts of their purchasing powers through activism and outreach.
My Tools: I love using SearchEngineLand.com and MarketingLand.com for daily marketing news and trends.
My Workplace: I love how friendly and open everyone is here – Red Door fosters an environment of great personalities.

6. Erika Werner – VP of Client Services

My Passions: I love doing the meditative sketching art called Zentangle, and am also obsessed with Undercover Boss.
My Tools: I love that the future is unknown: there are the predictable cycles in business, and then there is the constant evolution of digital, our services, and our model. I love perusing the Harvard Business Review, using Asana for task management and Marie Forleo for her perspective on life, business, and their convergence. 
My Workplace: I love the dynamic of the Red Door teams, and I laugh every day at work. Mostly at myself.

7. Charles Wiedenhoft – Director of Strategic Planning

My Passions: I love to read a lot of industry publications, magazines, newspapers, and books.
My Tools: I love Iconoculture for keeping me informed of emerging consumer trends and pop culture. We use this global research and advisory firm to develop meaningful communications and digital strategy. 
My Workplace: I love helping clients who work for all kinds of interesting businesses, and that there is something new to learn every day. I love that everyone at Red Door is passionate about creating the best work, taking calculated risks, and lending a hand when you need one.

8. Patrick Cinco – Creative Director

My Passions: I love surfing, outrigger paddling, and art.
My Tools: I can’t survive the week without Designspiration.net
My Workplace: I love being an entrepreneur, and am excited to continue to build on the Red Door reputation by adding creativity to the arsenal of strengths. I love Red Door’s lack of “egos” – it’s nice to be surrounded by down-to-earth, hard-working individuals instead of the cut-throat environments that are all-too common in the larger markets I’ve worked in.

9. Kate De Jong – Director of People Development

My Passions: I love to read – this is my downtime activity and escape.
My Tools: I love that my days are filled with compelling, interesting, and useful work. My tool is Inbox Zero because it is a method that helps me do what I need to do, and my outlet is Candy Crush!
My Workplace: I love my direct colleagues that support me and that I can support, as well as observing the talent and passion that we have for our clients and for making Red Door an awesome place – I’ll stay here until I retire.

10. Andy Batten – Director of Digital Analytics & Optimization

My Passions: I love poker, Broncos and Nebraska football, gadgets, computers, and good scotch. 
My Tools: I love finding ways to capture and organize more data, and I’m excited about the decisions that can be made as a result of the Internet of Things and smart-home trends. My go-to tool that I need in my week is Google Analytics.
My Workplace: I love working with friends and the freedom to innovate and evolve. 

11. Amy Carr – Executive VP, Human Resources

My Passions: I love being in nature (hiking, running on the beach), playing soccer with friends, and reading a good book.
My Tools: I need our daily Huddles to get me through the workday.
My Workplace: I love and treasure the people I work with – some of them for over 10 years. I love seeing the innovative work that our talented team does for our clients.

12. Renee Brown – Media Manager

My Passions: I love to travel and try new things.
My Tools: I love the variety in my work because there’s the opportunity to use both your creative side and analytical side. I tend to go straight to the source of tools that are used in our work, such as Google Adwords.
My Workplace: I love that there’s never a dull moment at Red Door!

13. Stephanie Shortsleeve – Director of Client Services

My Passions: I love to run (in my ASICS shoes!), and have completed seven half-marathons and one two-day relay. 
My Tools: I love reading Buzzfeed every day – it’s a perfect mix of current events and stupid pictures of cats in pajamas. You know, the important stuff.
My Workplace: I love the people at Red Door because they are the smartest, hardest working, most incredibly talented group of people I’ve ever worked with!

14. Dennis Gonzales – VP of Operations

My Passions: I love to travel, but if I can’t wear flip-flops, I don’t want to go there. I’m also a pen-snob – I have to write only with fine-point pens. 
My Tools: I love working with Tableau because it allows me to see data at high level, and also helps me know what I need to address (or celebrate)!
My Workplace: I love the integration of progression, culture, and value at Red Door – that’s what keeps me motivated. 

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