Remix Your Workout: Leveraging Influencer Marketing to Drive Brand Engagement

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From running to training, ASICS’ fuzeX TR shoe was designed to provide a versatile, all-in-one premium workout experience. Combining ASICS’ knowledge of running footwear with the need for a training shoe for the modern fitness explorer, the fuzeX TR allows for the perfect hybrid workout, where both strengthening and cardio moves are involved. To tell this unique story of this multi-functional training shoe, we created the Remix Your Workout challenge, inviting eight prominent social media influencers to participate in three different workouts in one week, ultimately showing the versatility of the fuzeX TR sneaker.

Meet the Influencers 


Kaisa Karanen // KaisaFit
Kaisa has a passion for fitness, being a personal trainer, fitness educator, and influencer. She loves innovating ways to get people moving, making Remix Your Workout the perfect fit. 

Jordan Younger // The Balanced Blonde
Jordan brings a holistic approach to fitness, wearing the many hats of a nutrition enthusiast, yoga instructor, and running fanatic. 

Grace Kim // Lean Girls Club
Grace is a NYC fitness blogger, sharing her fitness journey and inspiration with the world. Grace is a runner at heart (3x NYC Marathon runner) but also loves HIIT, yoga, and barre. 

Megan Collins // Style Girlfriend
Megan bases her blog The Female Perspective on style for men, with tips and suggestions on male fashion from a woman’s point of view. Not only this, but she shares her workout secrets for men and women looking for some fresh inspiration. 


Look good / sweat good / feel good (even on Thanksgiving) #asics #ad #RemixYourWorkout

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Christine Herr // NYC Pretty
Christine inspires her audience with her vibrant style and healthful tips. She is a stylist, spokesperson, and fitness fanatic in NYC, and is always on the forefront of fashion, beauty, and fitness. 


Movin' βž•Groovin' πŸƒπŸ»β™€οΈ#RemixYourWorkout @asics #ad

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Jenna and Drew Kutcher 
Jenna and her husband Drew Kutcher took the challenge together. With an eye for photography and the expertise of nutrition, fitness, and health, these two helped motivate each other to mix up their routine. 

Bianca Jade // Mizzfit
Bianca is a well-known TV host and fitness enthusiast who remixed her workout with boxing gloves and a jump rope. 

Geri Hirsch // Because I’m Addicted 
Geri is the voice behind Because I’m Addicted. She started her blog in 2005, and has evolved to touch all things living, eating, fashion, and wellness.   


By building positive relationships with the chosen influencers, the campaign helped ASICS reach their target demographic of 25-34 year olds at a lower cost. Cost per engagement reached $.05, 85% lower than the average cost per engagement for paid social on branded channels. Providing gear that resonated with these influencers resulted in the integration of the product in their lifestyle beyond the challenge. Additional posts featuring the product created further brand recognition for ASICS. 
Hashtags and Word Associations


#kaisafitxasics  & #tbbmademedoit were a few branded pieces by bloggers that made their way into this conversation analysis of the term “fuzeX TR.” Bloggers made a large impact on not only awareness of the shoe, but association of their brand with the shoe launch. 
Social Metrics

  • 54.4k overall earned engagements.
  • 225 social mentions.
  • 413,822 impressions.


  • 130 total sessions driven to ASICS site via influencers’ websites.

Age demographic

  • 25-34 | 61% of traffic.
  • 34-44 | 25% of traffic.
  • 18-24 | 15% of traffic.

Gender demographics

  • Male | 82% of traffic.

Top engaged countries

  • United States | 113 sessions.
  • Canada | 4 sessions.
  • UK | 2 sessions.
  • All other countries had one session.

When looking to change brand perception, increase product awareness, and even decrease cost per engagement, influencer marketing can be powerful. Want to learn more about influencer marketing or how your brand can use the hottest tactic of 2017? Leave a comment below or tweet us @reddoor

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