RDI SLICED: A Thanksgiving Cooking Competition

Culture / 11.23.2016
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8/24/2023 11:20:02 PM Red Door Interactive http://www.reddoor.biz Red Door Interactive

This year, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, we are excited to introduce RDI SLICED: an intense cooking competition between four Red Door nominated employees on the journey to declare RDI’s most accomplished Thanksgiving chef.

Each contestant was tasked with creating an innovative and exceptionally delicious Thanksgiving dish incorporating at least 5 of the given ingredients in only 20 minutes. With all the challenges of the competition, you don’t want to miss the creativity, inter-contestant sabotage, and unexpected twists in this episode of RDI SLICED. Stay tuned to see who will win… and who will be brutally SLICED from the competition.

This year, we’re especially thankful for Thanksgiving meals that don’t include Sriracha, mint, and honey mustard on the same plate, as well as our inspiring Red Door family members that always keep us laughing. 

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