Intern Spotlight: Tips and Testimonials from Our Summer 2017 Class

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Whether you are just getting started in your career, or making a transition, an internship is a great way to get your foot in the door. At Red Door, we truly believe that our internship program gives students and recent graduates the skills and experience needed to help jump start their career. 

Why Intern with Red Door?

Our internship program focuses on helping each one of our interns learn and grow by involving them in projects that are impactful and meaningful for our clients. From Client Services to Tech, SEO to Creative, we offer a variety of different intern positions within each of our departments. Our interns have the opportunity to discover their strengths in a particular area of expertise, and can even cross-train in other departments they may have an interest in. Through an internship at Red Door, you will be able to find your place in the digital marketing world. 

Want to know what it is really like to be a Red Door intern? Hear from our Summer 2017 intern class about their experience:


Ever wonder how Google decides what websites will be shown first when searching for something? As a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) intern, you will get a better understanding of how to grow visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results. You will work on projects aimed at improving rankings, driving traffic, and increasing overall awareness for websites. 

Our Summer 2017 SEO Intern: Evan
During his internship with our marketing department last summer, Evan had expressed interest in SEO. Thanks to cross-training opportunities, he was able to find his niche and come back this summer as our SEO intern. Learn more about intern cross-training opportunities and Evan’s personal experience here.

Social Media 

At Red Door, a social media intern does more than just post to Facebook and Instagram. In addition to staying on top of social trends, our social interns assist with social media strategy, online community management, and digital reporting, equipping them with the skills needed to be a social media manager in any capacity.

Our Summer 2017 Social Media and Content Intern: Ellie
As an MBA student, Ellie was able to apply the skills she had learned from school and past work experience to jump right into assisting on a variety of projects focused on social and content strategy. Here is her advice for any graduate students looking for an internship to supplement their studies.

Marketing Technology

When most people think of a software engineering internship, they don’t immediately think of a digital marketing agency. Yet, our tech department is a vital part of the team. As a marketing tech intern, you will be jumping straight into every facet of the software development cycle. Our marketing tech interns work on diverse projects that expose them to desktop and mobile full-stack development, data collection and reporting, cloud web services integrations, and dev ops. 

Our Summer 2017 Marketing Technology Intern: Tommy
This summer, Tommy dove straight into full-stack web development and data engineering projects. From gathering business and technical requirements to developing concise server-side JavaScript code and interactive data-driven documents, he expanded his software engineering skillset by developing the software for two Domo applications. On top of that, Tommy was able to explore his interests in data engineering and big data by dabbling with the AWS services, data warehousing, ETL, and HDFS filesystems. Read more about his personal experience here

Client Services

The client services team are the ones who link the client’s needs with the services we provide. Red Door client services interns shadow our business and project managers to learn the ins and outs of project delivery and how to develop and foster client relationships. They gain hands on experience by assisting with budget pacing, industry research, POV’s, monthly reports, and deck template creation. 

Our Summer 2017 Client Services Intern: Lorri
Before starting at Red Door, Lorri had just finished her junior year of college and was looking for an internship to help her gain a better understanding of the digital marketing world. As the client services intern, Lorri was able to work on projects focused on both business and production management. Here are her tips for anyone starting their first marketing internship. 

Paid Media

When you see an ad online, whether it’s in a search engine, displayed on a website, or in your social media news feed, that ad was created and managed by a paid media specialist. A paid media intern gets exposure to the ad platforms for Google, Facebook, Pinterest, and Bing, to name a few. Paid media interns support on everything from managing budgets to creating campaigns and ads for clients. 

Our Summer 2017 Paid Media Intern: Abbey
When Abbey was in her last semester of college, she was unsure about her next steps. She was stressed during the craze of “application season” and landing that perfect job. When the opportunity to work at Red Door arose, Abbey was excited to gain experience in digital marketing and advertising. She will leave this internship certified in Google AdWords and with the experience in paid media that she needs to launch her career. Read more about why the stress of application season was worth it.


Looking to gain a broader understanding on how an agency markets themselves? As a marketing intern, you learn the ins and outs of marketing and public relations strategies, including website management, blog writing, social media strategy, event planning, and client case study creation. You will also gain experience managing various projects from conception to completion, as well as tracking and measuring the success of internal marketing campaigns. 

Our Summer 2017 Marketing Intern: Mackenzie
During Mackenzie's internship, she was able to gain a better understanding of the internal marketing team's impact on the marketing agency as a whole, while learning from various subject matter experts to optimize strategies and achieve better results. Read Mackenzie's blog to learn more about the significance of marketing to a marketing agency and a few projects she has assisted on during her internship. 

Think you have what it takes to be a Red Door Intern? See what positions we currently have available, and apply here.

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