SDCCU: Connecting a brand to its community

11/21/2020 1:50:19 AM Red Door Interactive Red Door Interactive

San Diego County Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial institution, owned and operated by its members. With a strong dedication to community, SDCCU needed help reaching their customers not only on the ground, but in the online space.

We started our relationship with SDCCU in 2012 with paid search. The task was to implement PPC media to help establish an online presence, but as that presence grew, we saw the need to further analyze performance and optimize efforts. From there, SDCCU asked us to manage their reporting so we might help inform more growth opportunities down the road.

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Initiating and growing a digital presence

After our first reporting efforts, we wanted to keep finding new ways to improve SDCCU’s online performance. In 2013, we initiated an SEO site audit that eventually led to an SEO retainer, and in 2014, we extended into CRO to ensure we were driving KPIs as efficiently as possible. Today, our partnership with SDCCU has grown into multiple ongoing retainers, including Paid Media for Social and Search and Social Content/Community Management.

Building an engaged social community

In order to make SDCCU’s online visibility as big as their on-ground community presence, we began taking over their Twitter coverage to further promote the brand. Our community management efforts quickly grew into multiple platforms, leading to a new overall content strategy that would maximize cross-channel collaboration.

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Extending the brand on the ground

As a proud member of their community, SDCCU supports various local non-profit organizations year-round through hosted events and sponsorships. We partnered with the brand to help promote many of their on-the-ground activations through tactics such as live video coverage and real-time social content, boosting visibility of SDCCU’s community involvement—including their sponsorship of two NCAA football bowl games, the Poinsettia Bowl and Holiday Bowl.

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The Poinsettia Bowl

We partnered with the SDCCU Poinsettia Bowl in 2015 and 2016. The first year, our goal was to create an experience for fans both before and during the event, generating buzz through engaging social posts and live event coverage. In 2016, we zeroed in on the bowl game itself, developing more branded content for fans to interact with.

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The Holiday Bowl

In 2017, SDCCU moved on from the Poinsettia Bowl to sponsor a bowl game of a larger scale—the Holiday Bowl. Our goal was to apply our learnings from the previous two years to this new bowl game experience, as well as introduce new executions such as vertical video stories to be shared on social.

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Relaunching the online experience

As our partnership with the brand continued to evolve, SDCCU started looking at opportunities to enhance their online experience even further. Needing some analysis support, SDCCU tasked us with evaluating their current website, as well as with providing recommendations based on competitor research. Our resulting insights proved to be very valuable, positioning us to partner on the full site redesign project.

Website research and planning

To best inform SDCCU’s potential website redesign, we needed to do our homework to ensure that all our insights were backed by strategy. Through the process, we identified the top tasks accessed by users on the current site, performed user and tree testing, provided in-depth competitive analysis, and developed a recommended sitemap.

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2018 website redesign

To deliver on the site’s key message, “It’s not just a transaction, it’s your life,” we focused on creating unique experiences through personalization tactics such as browser identification, IP detection, and geo-targeting. The overall site redesign included all creative and technical development, as well as promotional launch support.

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Looking Ahead

Beginning with a small paid search task, our relationship with SDCCU has since developed into four different retainers, ongoing event sponsorship support, and a full website redesign—and our work is still evolving. As we continue to partner with the brand, we’re identifying more and more growth opportunities to bring SDCCU’s community spirit and customer dedication to life.  

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