San Diego Seals: Energizing Pro Lacrosse in San Diego

3/19/2024 4:11:46 PM Red Door Interactive Red Door Interactive

San Diego Seals

When the San Diego Seals joined the world’s only professional box lacrosse league in 2018, the team needed to capture the local audience. Competition is fierce across the National Lacrosse League (NLL), and the Seals had to create a solid and unique identity to attract new fans. Red Door Interactive took up this challenge and aimed to bring an exciting new sports team to the city that would create a new era of live sports entertainment. 

Services Provided

The Challenge

As the December season approached, the San Diego Seals faced a major challenge of distinguishing themselves and their sport from the city’s already-crowded entertainment scene. Red Door sprang into action and rapidly created a campaign and messaging strategy to emphasize the uniqueness of professional box lacrosse and make its identity and appeal more tangible and immediate to the audience.

Our Approach

Red Door Interactive organized a personal meeting with the marketing leadership of San Diego Seals to understand the team's essence and appeal. The unified group decided to develop strategic messaging platforms (SMPs) and creative briefs that highlighted the unique excitement of attending live lacrosse games. 


With the client’s need for flexibility and adaptability throughout the season at the top of mind, Red Door designed a campaign that supported testing and iteration. This agile methodology allowed our team to refine messaging and creative concepts in real-time. Red Door developed a series of messaging to ensure that the campaign resonated strongly with its audience at different stages of the marketing funnel.

Welcome to Pro Lacrosse

Professional lacrosse showcases top-tier athletes competing in a fast-paced, high-scoring, and hard-hitting live sport. But that's not all. With a lively crowd and a DJ spinning music throughout the game, the atmosphere stays party-like until the final whistle. The pro lacrosse experience is truly unique in San Diego, and so we decided to present it that way.

It’s Crazy. It’s Lacrosse.

San Diego fans can't get enough of box lacrosse, the wildest pro sports experience.

In the Arena

During the Roman Empire era, audiences were entertained by watching gladiators engaged in violent confrontations. Today, we have various sports centered around adrenaline and physical contact, such as football, hockey, boxing, MMA, X-Games, motocross, and NASCAR. The truth is that we love to watch live sports with an element of danger, and professional lacrosse is no exception. We decided to embrace the aggression, violence, and risk of the sport to ask San Diego, are you not entertained?

Fun Overload

Watching live professional lacrosse games is a one-of-a-kind experience that sets it apart from other spectator sports. It's the most high-octane sporting event you can see in San Diego. The game's speed, the players' hard-hitting moves, the continuous scoring, the lively crowd, and the music that blasts throughout the game. San Diego’s lacrosse scene continues to grow each year!