Las Vegas Desert Dogs: Establishing a New Player in a City Bustling with Entertainment

3/18/2024 8:11:10 PM Red Door Interactive Red Door Interactive

Las Vegas Desert Dogs

Not many teams have the honor of joining the prestigious National Lacrosse League (NLL)—the only professional box lacrosse league in the world. The Las Vegas Desert Dogs, an expansion team in the NLL, had the talent, but they needed help standing out amongst competing attractions in one of the flashiest cities in the world. 

Services Provided

The Challenge

With the December season rapidly approaching, Red Door was tasked with (quickly) developing a campaign for the Las Vegas Desert Dogs, establishing them as a premier sports entertainment option in a city rife with big-ticket distractions. 

Our Approach

Las Vegas is a catch-all—which meant our strategy called for the opposite. Who better to focus on than those residing in Las Vegas full-time? We took a targeted approach to reach local audiences at different points of the funnel by developing strategic messaging maps alongside selected creative concepts. 

Locals Get It

To promote Desert Dog lacrosse as an essential locals’ experience, we set out to establish the team as a consistent source of entertainment that’s more fulfilling than a temporary act or a stroke of luck.

It’s Taking Hold of Vegas

The thrill of watching professional lacrosse live spreads across the arena. We decided to capture the essence of excitement in a stylized manner — an image of hand hoisting a lacrosse stick victoriously — along with high-impact visuals of ecstatic fans and athletes to promote the Desert Dogs as a phenomenon that’s having a wild effect on Las Vegas.

Unlike Anything Else

Las Vegas attractions are constantly one-upping each other, and the same can be said with the city’s sports teams. Sports fans in Las Vegas already had a great team in the Raiders, but the Silver & Black don’t hold a candle to the Desert Dogs. In fact, all the sports and entertainment in Sin City pales compared to the experience of live, professional box lacrosse. Las Vegas locals, you’re welcome!

The Highest Level

There’s nothing more thrilling than watching pro lacrosse live. A unique blend of lighting-fast action, pulverizing hard-hits, and one-of-a-kind raucous crowd experiences combine to create a spectator experience unlike any other event in Las Vegas. Box lacrosse is more than just the best of what pro sports has to offer — it's the pinnacle of live entertainment.

Where Locals Run the Show

Las Vegas will continue to have a reputation for casinos, artist residencies, and all of the hoopla going down on the Strip. But there’s another type of local character that’s unique to Vegas — and even more exhilarating. You can witness it yourself at a Las Vegas Desert Dogs game. Our strategies showcase this by shining a light on the rabid fans, the superhuman athletes, and the insane only-in-lacrosse plays. No other event in Las Vegas will provide consistent thrills like Las Vegas pro lacrosse — where locals run the show.