How to Build a Website That Evolves with Your Business

Whitepaper / 01.19.2021
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Whitepaper: The Who, What & Why of Growth-Driven Website Design


The marketing landscape is always evolving. Is your website able to keep up?

A website built with a Growth-Driven Design (GDD) philosophy gives you the flexibility to create a sustainable website that evolves with your needs and your customers’ expectations. Unlike traditional website design, GDD is designed to provide flexibility, adaptability, and agility in the process, focusing on speed-to-market, reducing time-to-value, and continuous data-backed improvement. This means going live sooner, reducing and managing risk, and making informed decisions that allow you to incrementally build toward better performance.

In this whitepaper, Red Door provides an overview of Growth-Driven Development, its history, and the benefits of the approach compared to traditional website redesigns. We also break down Red Door’s approach to GDD, the key roles involved in a successful GDD project and the “why" behind our GDD process.

Here's what’s covered in the whitepaper:

  • What is GDD?
  • The history of GDD
  • Benefits of Growth-Driven Design: Quicker to launch & more leads
  • Why is GDD important to the successful redesign of my website?
  • GDD vs. Traditional website redesign strategy
  • Red Door’s GDD Process

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