Stacks on Stacks: Choosing the Right MarTech Platforms

Whitepaper / 02.19.2021
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Your Marketing Technology Stack: What Is It & How to Evaluate Its Effectiveness

Can you name all the platforms and apps in your MarTech stack? If not, you’re not alone. Enterprise-level companies average 90 different marketing technology tools, for everything from SEO to talent management. But more is not necessarily better. When your stack is, well, too stacked, you run into issues like overlap, redundancy, and maintainability. All of which can bog your business down.  

In this whitepaper, we explore what a MarTech stack is and isn’t, why it’s essential to your business, and how to tell if your stack is helping or hurting your success. We’ll also cover how Red Door’s experienced Marketing Technology team can take the headache out of auditing your own stack.  

Here’s what’s included in the whitepaper:  
  • What is a MarTech Stack? 
  • Why You Need a MarTech Stack 
  • ​Stacks on Stacks: How to Choose the Right Platforms 
  • ​Keeping Your MarTech Up-to-Date 
  • Red Door’s 360° MarTech Audit  
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