How Instagram’s Latest Features Change the Game for Marketers

Whitepaper / 05.17.2017

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MindSHARE: How Instagram's Latest Features Change The Game For Marketers


Instagram is a social media mainstay, the crown jewel of aesthetically pleasing content—and now home to more spontaneous, casual, and effortless content. With 1+ million advertisers and 60% of consumers discovering new products on Instagram, any brand looking to increase their digital marketing efforts should look to Instagram. Instagram’s latest features allow individuals and brands to share more candidly—liberating your photos and videos from the tight constraints of the Instagram feed that historically was home to the best of the best.

However, while content can now be shared more often and more freely, brands will always need to respect the relationship with the consumer, and should continue to focus on creating content that adds value. Posting just to try to rack up more engagement metrics can not only hurt you in the algorithm, but also be a turn off for consumers. So, while Instagram may sing the praises of more, brands need to be as diligent as ever about creating content that’s in alignment with marketing and business goals.

Instagram isn’t going away anytime soon. If your brand wants to connect with today’s young, mobile-first consumers, the reality is that you can’t just “be on Instagram” — you need to master it. Read our latest MindSHARE for our expert tips.

Instagram Features Covered in this MindSHARE

  • Instagram Stories are photos and videos in a slideshow format that your audience can view for only 24 hours.
  • Instagram Direct allows a user to send expiring photo and video content privately to individuals or groups.
  • Instagram Live presents an opportunity to connect with a younger demographic, in real-time, with an interactive component.
  • Instagram Multi-Photo Uploads allow users to share up to 10 photos and videos in one post.
  • New security features, such as two-factor authentication, give marketers increased protection from hackers.
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