Selling on Amazon: Things to Know Before You Start

Podcast / 02.27.2018
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In 2018, Amazon now accounts for 43% of US online retail sales, with 55% of all online searches beginning on the platform itself. Clearly, there’s a strong case for adding Amazon to your channel mix—but before you do, keep in mind that setting up shop on Amazon is not a simple, one-time task, and finding success requires careful consideration of many crucial elements.  

In this episode of The Marketing Remix, “Amazon: Things to Know Before You Start,” Heather Molina, Sr. Director of Paid and Earned Media, Zach Leffers, Strategic Planner, and Reid Carr, CEO of Red Door Interactive, walk you through the ins and outs of creating an Amazon strategy that works for your specific business. 

Where to Begin: Creating a Plan 

When introducing any new channel, upfront planning and consideration is crucial. Assess the following business questions to best inform your Amazon integration plan:  

  • What are your business goals? 

  • How do you drive revenue? 

  • How do you currently sell product? 

  • What internal resources can you dedicate to Amazon selling management? 

  • What does your competitive landscape look like? 

  • Will you sell your product solely on Amazon or through other channels too? 

  • Should you position your brand as a Seller or Vendor? 

  • Does FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) make sense for your brand? 

Understanding your Consumer 

Having a firm grasp on your consumer base will help you navigate how you should promote your brand on Amazon. Knowing whether your consumers are primarily deal hunters or frequently open to other similar product listings can set you up for success in this realm. 

Building your Brand 

When a consumer views a product page on Amazon, it may be their first encounter with your brand. To optimize this experience, put effort into maintaining each page, ensuring legitimacy, and creating a cohesive brand experience. Important brand maintenance topics include:  

  • Policing your brand against counterfeits 

  • Best SEO practices to increase findability 

  • Sponsoring product listings 

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