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Introducing: The Marketing Remix


6/27/2023 7:20:51 AM Red Door Interactive Red Door Interactive

A Brand Marketing Podcast Presented by Red Door Interactive

At Red Door Interactive, we have a commitment to learning, always seeking new opportunities to evolve our knowledge and skills. That’s why every week, we come together for cross-department think tank sessions, known as Brainshares internally, where we discuss different topics relevant to our subject matter expertise and how they might affect not only our business, but our clients’ businesses as well.
Then, as a way to share our insights with you, we package them up to deliver informative content through blogs, speaking events, social channels—and now, through our own brand marketing podcast, The Marketing Remix.
Similar to the Brainshares we have internally here at Red Door, you’re invited to listen in as we cover all the latest trends and tactics you need to navigate the industry’s ever-evolving landscape. In each episode, our experts discuss a hot marketing topic, sharing the things you need to know, how they affect your consumer, and how to adjust your marketing plan accordingly. These 20-minute episodes can fit right into your work commute, the perfect space to be removed from the office and inspired by the outside world.
New material will be released on an every-other-week basis, to ensure we’re always delivering fresh content with actionable insights. Tune into The Marketing Remix today, now available on iTunes.