Win Rent Free Office Space in Downtown Denver

Culture / 08.22.2013
Red Door

5/27/2023 12:46:09 AM Red Door Interactive http://www.reddoor.biz Red Door Interactive

At Red Door, we value sharing and community. Today, we are opening our doors to a special start-up looking for a home to build their business- RENT FREE for 6 months. Currently, our Denver location has some prime office space to spare, so we’re hosting a video contest to find a local start-up company to share our collaborative and inspiring office with. The contest and voting is open from August 22nd to October 3rd!

What we’re looking for and how to enter: 
A small (four-person or less) Denver-based start-up in any industry with an inspiring mission and core values. To enter, they must submit a short video detailing their qualifications and need. Winners get rent-free space and they’ll work alongside Red Door people who want to see them succeed. You don’t have to be great filmmakers, but you do have to have great ideals. Vote for your favorite startup! Fans and supporters can also vote for their favorite videos to help put a startup’s mission into motion.

We look forward to hearing your story, watching and sharing your videos. We love to inspire and be inspired so capture that in your video!

Best of luck, Red Door Interactive

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