Whitepaper: Not All Channels are Created Equal

Insights / 04.27.2020
Red Door / Social Media & Content Marketing

7/26/2023 9:20:06 PM Red Door Interactive http://www.reddoor.biz Red Door Interactive

In 2020, social media only continues to grow, giving brands more and more ways to connect with their audiences on a deeper level. However, in order to make social efforts work toward their business goals, brands also need to develop the right strategy to accurately and swiftly identify the platforms that best express their messaging.

In this whitepaper, Red Door provides guidance on social channel strategies that are both applicable to our current cultural climate and useful in long-term campaign success. We’ll dive into platform specificities and the differences between engagement and conversion, as well as provide examples from different verticals to help frame a brand’s relevance to a particular channel.

Here’s what’s covered in the whitepaper:

  • 2020 social predictions and how these have changed due to the coronavirus pandemic
  • Which social metrics really matter for your brand
  • How to use social channels to drive your audience to action
  • A breakdown of industry-specific social metrics
  • Analysis of growing platforms like TikTok and Twitch


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