What Web 3.0 Means for Digital Marketing

Insights / 10.21.2022
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The future of the internet is here — Web 3.0. It aims to provide users with a personalized, interactive experience, while giving them control over their data and privacy. From decentralized to inoperability, Web 3.0 has a language all to its own. Take a look and keep scrolling to learn what Web 3.0 means for digital marketers. Let‘s break it down:


Impacts of Web 3.0 on Digital Marketing 

1. Changes to Data Collection 

As an opt-in system, Web 3.0 lets users specify what can and cannot be done with their data. This will impact how marketing is targeted and personalized. Marketers like you will need to get creative with how they gather data, while keeping user privacy in mind. 

2. Better User Experience 

Powered by technologies like AI and machine learning, Web 3.0 delivers personalized, tailored experiences. Want your brand to be part of that experience? Keep up to date with the latest technologies, and incorporate them into your marketing strategies. 

3. New Advertising Avenues 

Stay open to advertising in The Metaverse. Dr Ali Goode, Cognitive Scientist at the Gorilla in The Room, explains it best: “[Metaverse ads] will, in effect, be experiences consumers will live through and will be remembered in a similar way to real-life experiences.” 

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