We:30 Share & Tell: Gwendolyn Brings Her Art

Culture / 08.21.2014

7/24/2023 6:18:35 PM Red Door Interactive http://www.reddoor.biz Red Door Interactive

Every Wednesday at 3:30 we get together to celebrate an employee who exemplifies our core values to inspire, share, evolve, exceed and be 100% jerk-free. Our Share and Tell edition invites an employee to share something that inspires them and has a unique story. This week Gwendolyn, our Design Intern, brings her art!

My special share is my passion for fine arts. For those of you who aren’t familiar, I have been heavily involved and dedicated to the world of fine arts since I was very young. I dabble in new hobbies constantly but art is one of the few that has remained consistent throughout my life. 

I was chosen among thousands of applicants to be part of a class of only 100 to attend The Missouri Fine Arts Academy when I was only a sophomore in high school. I was also grateful to have been awarded the highest-ranking scholarship available at my college based upon the submission of my digital and traditional arts portfolio.

Art also plays a key role in my personal life. On the side, I paint custom skate decks, shoes, miscellaneous apparel, and more for those who take interest in my work. I set aside time to do a personal sketch once a day just to filter my thoughts. I try my best to always make time to practice whether it‘s for 10 minutes or a few hours. Art has become my own form of meditation. It’s a guilt-free way to remain stationary for an extended period of time and not worry about anything else. I live a very active, fast-paced lifestyle so it’s usually hard for me to allow myself to simply “take a breath”.

My passion has helped me at Red Door by providing me with a creative and unique perspective to approach the tasks of each day. I have been making the transition from a traditional artist into the digital world for the last five years. I enrolled in Graphic Design and Advertising class my junior year of high school and continued my education by receiving my Bachelors in Computer Animation this past June. The transition has been challenging on many levels but I have begun to develop a whole new set of eyes. Red Door has lent a big hand in allowing me to continue my education in digital arts and design. Being surrounded by such a diverse team has taught me a lot in a short period of time. Each individual on the Creative Team has his or her own unique way of going about a task from pre-production to final launch. I am looking forward to take the tips and tricks I have learned and apply them outside of work. 

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