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Insights / 03.30.2016
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Most are aware of the application called "Instagram." In fact, you are probably one one of the 300 million active users worldwide. Of these millions of users, 75% are located outside the U.S. and an astounding 18 billion photos are shared each day on Instagram. In 2013, Instagram decided to open up advertising to its network. The intention was to build itself as a business and create a further connection with brands and their audiences. Since the unveiling of these ads, we are beginning to see an expansion of ad types available.

Instagram Ad Types

Picture and Video:

Presented in the original Instagram format, but with extra options to enhance the experience - like purchase buttons, and interactive navigation between images.

  • Photo Ads- include calls to action that leads to the appropriate page on the business’ website. These could include phrases such as “shop now”, “install now”, “sign up”, “learn more”, etc.

  • Video Ads- now feature a 60 sec maximum length, this format continues to include a call to action button

Carousel Ads:

This new option provides a break in Instagram’s traditional vertical format, by displaying a series of images the user can swipe left to view. According to Instagram, advertisers are able to showcase multiple photos within a single ad as well as include a link to the brand’s website or webpage. The creativity of displaying carousel ads lies in the advertiser’s hands. You can “tell a story” with a sequence of photos, or simply display the product you are advertising using different shots.

Picture and Interactive Navigation

This ad incorporates a tool that allows viewers to build their own personal product without leaving Instagram! Mercedez-Benz took the interactive navigation for a spin with their “Build Your Own Mercedes-Benz GLA” ad. It starts with a welcome page with the ability to choose a color, wheels, roof, and etc. For every category chosen, the user is directed to a new Instagram page that includes information regarding the model. The process continues until the user has essentially “built their own Mercedes-Benz GLA”.  Check it out here.

Instagram Marquee

Instagram has recently launched a new tool called ‘Marquee’ that allows advertisers to drive mass awareness and reach within a short period of time. This is perfect for showcasing a new product or for any business that wants to address an ongoing topic. Fox was the first brand to utilize Instagram’s new Marquee tool. Their campaign focused on promoting 5 of their upcoming fall shows. Check it out here.

Should you do it?

Some would say advertising on Instagram is risky, with the potential of negative comments, but we have had some great successes. We always advise whenever advertising on any social platform, it is recommended to ensure you have a strategy specific to social content in order to best manage user feedback and engagement with your brand. This is a vital step before when investing in advertising on Instagram, as users are extremely active and engaged on this platform.

To see the history of Instagram Ads, check out our past blog post entitled "The Ins and Outs of Instagram Ads: What you should know". 


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