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With the rate at which digital technology is evolving, brands and business that aren’t willing to adopt new ways of thinking are the ones that are quickly left behind. This is especially true for websites—if you haven’t updated in the last three to five, even two years, you’re not only causing a great detriment to your bottom line, but you’re at risk of alienating customers before you even have the chance to attract and hook them.
Recognizing this need, longstanding Red Door client, Shea Homes, approached our talented team of strategists to help build a better online experience for their current and potential customers. On top of this, they were also looking to take two separate business entities—Shea Homes and their active-adult resort communities segment, Trilogy—and combine them into one cohesive, streamlined, and easy-to-navigate website.



The new website had to serve a multitude of functions: warmly greet new homebuyers, welcome back existing customers to pick up where they left off, offer a comprehensive search functionality to find homes, and give users a glimpse of the Shea way of life through rich, beautiful imagery—and all while not alienating past customers used to the old site. Additionally, the site needed to be mobile-friendly to capture more on-the-go engagement, prompt calls to sales agents, and drive in-person community visits.



After an in-depth discovery process, a new look and feel, a lot of time spent coding, testing, and retesting—as well as countless cups of coffee—Red Door Interactive designed and developed a website that met all of Shea Homes’ needs and more. We not only executed on the goals of the project, but also built upon key features and innovations such as:

  • "Find your home" search: Comprehensively narrows down choices based on what the user is looking for faster than ever.

  • On-domain master plan pages: Keeps customers on the site to learn about communities rather than navigating to a separate microsite.

  • “My Shea Home” customer portal: Offers a completely personalized online experience. Customers can “favorite” a home to add to their portal account, access curated information based on their stage of the homebuying process, and much more.



 Since its launch the website has generated:

  • 32,264 leads

  • 2.5 million return visitors 

  • 4 million floor plan views


“This [website launch] has been a day we have all been waiting for and we are extremely proud that we have the opportunity of celebrating this milestone with [Red Door Interactive]. You have each put in countless hours to bring this site to life. We could not have done it without you.”

– Janet Benavidez, Corp. Vice President, Sales & Marketing



A round of applause for the Red Door team members that collectively brought the new SheaHomes.com to life:

Project Management & Development Team 

  • Betsey Di Bonaventura, Technical Project Manager

  • Kathryn Mickelson, Sr. Project Manager

  • Candice Wyatt, Director, Project Management

  • Ronel Sumibcay, Director, Software Engineering

  • Sam Oganesyan, Manager, Software Development

  • Monique Veenstra, DevOps Engineer

  • Luis Retana, DevOps Engineer

  • Jamie Schiesel, Sr. DevOps Engineer

  • Matthew Palamar, DevOps Engineer

  • Amin Akhtar, DevOps Engineer

  • Junnie Pineda, DevOps Engineer

  • Joseph Uson, QA Analyst

Discovery, Planning & Creative Design

  • Ron Hadler, Sr. Director, Marketing Technology

  • Patrick Cinco, Creative Director

  • Ashton Taylor, Associate Design Director

  • Traci Gao, Copywriter

  • Charles Wiedenhoft, VP, Strategic Planning

  • Andy Batten, Sr. Director, Data Analytics

  • Allie Franklin, Business Supervisor

  • Stephanie Ranson, VP, Client Services

 Shea & Trilogy Core Account Team

  • Mallory Collins, Business Supervisor

  • Daniel Lewallen, Sr. SEO Specialist

  • Aaron Turkle, Sr. Paid Media Strategist

  • Adam Gearke, Paid Media Strategist

  • Paige Tollefson, Sr. Digital Analyst

  • Mia Mendola, Social Media Strategist

  • Daniel A. Garcia, Designer

  • Whitney Vazza, Sr. Producer

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