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Culture / 02.28.2014
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As the marketing landscape continues to evolve faster than you can say “snap chat” we are consistently impressed with the talent that comes through our doors for coveted internship positions. Our internship program has been and continues to be one of our favorite programs at Red Door. It allows current employees to evolve their own management capabilities and keeps the workplace energized with new faces eager to learn and contribute to the great work we do for our clients.

We reached out to a few Red Door intern alumni to get the scoop on where they are now and how their experience here contributed to success in their new positions. Meet Kristin, Sarah and Kassandra. 3 interns who might convince you to apply  for a chance to be part of our internship program.

Kassandra Sandstorm

Past: Marketing & Communication Intern, Red Door Interactive
Present: Social Media Specialist, Nordstrom

What aspects of your internship made it a special, unique and valuable experience for you?
Working within the culture of RDI. From the moment I started, RDI invested in me as a team member (not a coffee girl) and invested in my professional development, recognizing my contributions along the way. I truly looked forward to coming to work because I knew I'd not only be challenged, but I'd laugh, share, and learn along the way! I embraced their environment so much that my senior thesis focused on how agencies could embrace a culture of employee-focused collaboration to achieve success. It's been a year since I left and I still feel like part of the family!

Our core values define us, what is your favorite?                                                  
Share. The transparency RDI brings to their work inspired me and allowed me to learn more than I could have ever imagined. I never questioned the results, innovation, or roadmap for the team.

We’re happy to see you’ve moved on to Nordstrom’s social media team! How did you end up there?
Following my internship with RDI, I spent a summer interning with Nordstrom's social media team. I joined the team shortly after graduating college as a social media specialist. My current focuses are empowering the stores to use social media to better serve their local customer and testing emerging millennial focused platforms such as Wanelo and Snapchat. Each day is a bit different but I'm inspired by the creative and innovative team I'm lucky enough to work with.

Kassandra’s words of wisdom:
Take advantage of all an internship offers. Everyone wants to teach and shape interns--doors are open and no question is silly. Grab coffee with as many people as you can, ask every question that comes to mind, and contribute to the best of your ability. You were hired because you have the potential to be part of the team long term. Don't let that opportunity go to waste!

Kristin Sword

Past: Project Management Intern, Red Door Interactive
Present: Performance Team Lead and Technical Project Administrator, Gallup

What did you like most about your internship at Red Door?
I loved the fact that interns are considered contributing, important members of the team and are given real projects to work on. Too many times internships are just filled with left over work that no one else wants to do, but at Red Door you really have an opportunity to make an impact. RDI also sets the standard for what a positive and friendly company culture should be like.

We learned so much from you, but what was the most important thing that you learned? 
I learned how to run a project across multiple teams in an agency setting. The project management methodology taught to me at Red Door is the same one they use at Gallup which made my transition over even easier. I also learned how important it is to have a highly engaged workplace that utilizes your natural strengths.

 Project Team Lead and Technical Project Administrator at Gallup sounds fancy, tell us more!
I am a Performance Team Lead and Technical Project Administrator for Gallup in their technology department. As a Performance Team Lead, I work with team members on their personal growth and performance in order to ensure that they are placed in the best positions for success and are given all the support and resources they need. As a Technical Project Administrator, I work with different teams or platforms across Gallup Technology to efficiently deliver our projects to clients.

Future interns listen up, Kristin has some advice:
Work hard, ask questions and take every opportunity you have to talk to your co-workers. It’s amazing what you will learn when you sit down and have lunch with someone new.

Sarah Sullivan

Past: Social Media Intern, Red Door Interactive
Present: Solutions Marketing Manager, Rocket Fuel Inc.

You were thrown into a group of summer interns, how did that go?
I really appreciated my cohort of summer interns. We represented every department at Red Door, and I was able to learn so much about the whole company through their experiences. At the end of the summer, our managers tasked us with creating a full marketing campaign to announce the upcoming Red Door office move. Collaborating with such a great group of peers was eye opening and empowering.

Red Door has some serious office culture, what did you take away from it?
I learned how important it is to enjoy where you work. The wonderful Red Door team and the amazing location of the office made me excited to come into work every day.

What skills were you able to improve and transfer from RDI to your new role?
I work as a Solutions Marketing Manager for Rocket Fuel Inc. In my role, I create sales pitches for our clients using digital, mobile, video and social advertising to drive ROI. I get to use the marketing and advertising expertise I learned while at Red Door, and I am learning more about the digital landscape every day.

Any advice for our future interns?
Talk to everyone! Don't be afraid to ask for advice or to get to know your coworkers.

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