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Insights / 02.04.2014
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Red Door Interactive’s search team is getting SEOrious about helping you achieve your online marketing goals. Whether you want to increase your website awareness, drive traffic, or be one step ahead of the latest trends in search, these helpful hashtags and must follows will keep you in the SEO know.

Helpful Hashtags:

  • #google This is an interactive hashtag that is used across the social media board and is the most hash tagged for SEO content. This features google posts, news and online marketing information.

  • #SEO This is the second most used hash tag for SEO content with emphasis placed on strategy and search engine news. Use this in your tweet or search this hashtag to find the most recent content pertaining to the industry

  • #SEM #SEM, means Search Engine Marketing, and is a hash tag used by online marketing experts who share online marketing news, ideas, and strategies. This hashtag adds value to your content related to search marketing and can give your team insight into current conversations surrounding this topic.

  • #analytics This hash tag is usually put on the end of a tweet pertaining to GA (Google Analytics) data, statistics, and updates.

  • #bing This is the 3rd most used hashtag for digital  marketers. Bing is considered the “future of social search in social media and news.”

  • #contentstrategy Content marketing is a way to promote a piece of news or article within the online marketing space. Content marketing covers different online distribution channels through the lens of an online marketing professional.

Must Follows:

  • Wil Reynolds - @wilreynolds Will has over 20,000 followers, frequently speaks at conferences, and is the CEO of SEER interactive. His feed brings light to important trending articles on the topics of digital marketing and SEO.

  • Rand Fishkin - @randfish Rand Fishkin has over 135,000 followers and continues to tweet about valuable information on the current and ever-changing environment of SEO as it relates to both big brands and startups.

  • Matt Cutts - @mattcutts Matt is the head of the webspam team at Google and maintains an active blog about search engine marketing, as well as appearing in videos hosted on YouTube where he fields questions from the blogsphere about search.

  • AJ Ghergish- @SEO AJ is an SEO and content marketing expert with over 30,000 followers. AJ tweets mostly aboutindustry news and emerging technologies and trends from within the space.

  • Search Engine Land@sengineland With 215,000 followers, Search Engine Land updates the twitter world with daily news on search engines and their producers. Experts here focus on the “how-to’s” and “the why” of search algorithms.  Topics include #SEO #PPC #SEM #Google #Bing #Yahoo #Microsoft. Website: www.searchengineland.com

  • Ian Lurie -@portentint Ian is the founder and CEO of Portent. On average, Ian tweets about 5-9 times a day about the latest content segment, including analytics and interacting with other SEOs on Twitter.

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