Reaching Customers at Every Stage with Google Ads - Part 3: Search

Insights / 01.16.2021

6/15/2023 10:53:42 PM Red Door Interactive http://www.reddoor.biz Red Door Interactive

We recently hosted the third and final installment of our webinar series, “Reaching Customers at Every Stage with Google Ads.” In this session, experts from Red Door and Google explored the changing world of paid search, and how Google products can help marketers reach B2B leads across the entire funnel. Need a refresher? Check out our recap:  

The Future of Paid Search 

The way people search is rapidly changing. While many are still using the traditional desktop search bar, there’s been a huge shift to mobile-first search. In fact, 70% of all searches now happen on mobile devices. We’ve also seen that 50% of Google searches end without a click. How can that be? People are turning to visual search and voice search (think Google Home) to quickly get answers. 

How to Stay Ahead 

As paid search continues to evolve, it’s important to future-proof your accounts across the board. That includes strengthening your SEO for quick-answer type of searches, testing ad betas early on to confirm your learnings, and keeping a watchful eye on these trends: 

Data & Privacy 

Similar to other digital efforts, the move to reduce tracking at the browser, device, and cookie level will have impacts on search efforts. Marketers like you will need to continue to dig for the right data signals, leverage first party data and use advanced tools. 


While marketers have become adept at making “the bots” our friends, automation will continue to accelerate into 2021. We’re talking additional ways to layer in data, the ability to pick and choose different conversions within campaigns, and a handy tool called smart bidding.  

Smart bidding helps you stay nimble and react to each search query and auction in real-time across search engines. It considers things like audiences, user’s device, location, operating system, web browser, language settings, and more — to help boost account performance and efficiency.  

Creative & Testing 

It’ll be more important than ever to leverage good ad copy and in a way that fits well within responsive ads and automation. With so much changing across ad sizes, bid strategies — even match type functionality — marketers will need to test on a continuous basis. 

Knowing Your Audience 

As ad, targeting, and placement opportunities within the search landscape continue to increase, it’s important to consider the needs and intent of your audience at every stage in the funnel. The more granular you can get with your audience, the better your results will be.  

Must-have tool: Google Search Ads 360

Google’s Search Ads 360 is leading the pack in SEM (Search Engine Marketing) tools. It makes the deployment of search strategies more efficient and effective. You get better results in less time, at a lower cost. With Search Ads 360, you have the power to: 

1) Guarantee automation at scale. Beyond smart bidding, Search Ads 360 also offers automated reporting, creation, and editing at scale — not just at the account level, but across multiple search engines.  

2) Custom-tailor campaigns. Search Ads 360 includes native and unique solutions to create campaigns that reflect your site’s structure and messaging. For example, it takes geographic locations into consideration.  

3) Develop unified insights. By using floodlight conversion tracking, Search Ads 360 allows you to efficiently manage your search campaigns across multiple engines and media channels — for faster, more valuable insights.  

4) Enhance your campaign performance. With smart bidding, Search Ads 360 automates the bidding process to improve campaign performance. Higher ROAS? Better conversion? How about a lower CPA? This Google tool delivers on results. 

The way your customers use search is quickly evolving. Blink, and you’ll miss the next big trend. We’re here to keep you in the loop and keep your search accounts future-proof, so you can continue to effectively stay in front of your audience. Need help with your paid search or larger media program? Contact us today


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