Local SEO Dashboard: Using Domo to Combine Local Search Data

Insights / 12.06.2017
Jared Gardner / SEO Manager

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Having local SEO visibility is critical for businesses trying to bridge the gap between online/mobile research and real-life foot traffic to their physical store locations. However, local SEO can be difficult to act upon as it spans multiple platforms, and many of which lack an easy way to access data. If your business has dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of locations, you have likely experienced how difficult it truly is to determine what’s working, what’s struggling, and what you can do at SCALE to improve your local search performance.  

Visualizing data with Domo 

As a marketing agency that prides itself on data-driven strategy, Red Door Interactive has developed a partnership with Domo, a leading business and marketing intelligence platform. Domo provides strategists the marketing data they need in a fraction of the time, resulting in faster decision making, more efficient budget allocation, and a truly data-driven marketing program. 

The Local SEO Dashboard for Retail Visibility 

Utilizing Domo, Red Door has developed a local SEO management app ideal for brick and mortar businesses with 20+ locations, combining the most crucial data points into one actionable dashboard. This solution provides a holistic picture of a brand’s local SEO performance that marketers can leverage to make informed decisions that ultimately benefit visibility and retail traffic.  

The base version of the app utilizes some of the most popular and valuable data source connectors all retailers should prioritize to optimize efforts:  

Web Analytics 
Sources like Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics provide metrics surrounding traffic and conversion reporting to local pages. This data is especially useful for tracking location intent conversions such as store searches, click to call links from mobile, driving direction clicks, etc. 

Local Listing Profile Interactions 
With our custom-built Google My Business connector, businesses can access and aggregate data across all locations, which has traditionally required a significant reporting effort in Excel. With this dashboard, you can now see results from Google Maps and the local 3-pack in the search results, providing valuable metrics such as website clicks, driving directions, phone calls, image views, and review information.  

Location Listing Accuracy  
Citations and listing accuracy are still some of the larger ranking factors influencing Google local 3-pack rankings, as well as some of the most time-consuming parts of local SEO. The Moz Local and Yext connectors help ensure that your NAP is accurate across the web and on all data sources, and our dashboard organizes these reporting metrics in an easy-to-understand, regularly updated visualization. 

Keyword Ranking Data  
Traditional rank tracking sources such as Brightedge or Conductor are great for understanding what pages on your site are visible in search and what pages are ranking lower. Connecting into the API to these ranking connectors brings that data into the dashboard and arranges it in a way that shows what other factors (i.e. NAP) are influencing your organic keyword rankings.  

Though these data source connectors utilized in the base version of the app are all valuable to a retailer’s local SEO efforts, you can also customize your dashboard with over 750 pre-built connectors, custom APIs, email exports, and Google sheet imports to enhance your holistic view. Watch the video below to learn more about how this app can help inform your marketing decisions.  


Ready to see what The Local SEO Dashboard for Retail Visibility can do for your business? Schedule a demo with us today. 

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