How to (Finally) Balance Marketing Strategy & Execution

Insights / 05.06.2021

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The age-old question for marketers has always been, “what’s more important, strategy or execution?” But the answer is simple – it's both.

At Red Door, we take a two-pronged approach to account service, providing our clients with Marketing Consulting (aka Business Management) and Project Management duo to guide and drive their goals forward. This creates the opportunity for strategy and execution to thrive in tandem, as each member of the team can focus on their specific objective and ensure we are hitting the mark, every time.

The Balance of Strategy and Execution 

However, the give-and-take between strategy and execution can often feel like they’re in opposition, like a pendulum, springing back and forth. So, the question becomes, how does a team find the right balance? Our solution has been encouraging a fierce dedication to each role’s value and purpose.

Our Business Managers have one thing in mind; your business. This includes what’s going on in your industry, who your competitors and key audiences are, and clearly understanding your business goals. In-depth knowledge in these areas allows Business Managers to act as an extension of your business inside Red Door.

The Project Management team is tactical, leading initiatives daily to ensure projects are delivering value and completed according to plan. They organize, plan, and manage the workflow of our experts to achieve your goals. By engrossing themselves in the day-to-day work, they are an essential part in leading every project team.

With these two clearly defined roles acting as one team, a dynamic balancing act begins to take shape. Remember that pendulum? These are the two people (or groups) on either side. In order for it to work, they must operate as one, knowing when to ebb and flow based on the focus of the other. The goal of each is the same – but the “why" is different. This is where tension is built.

Creating a Healthy Tension 

Tension is a balance maintained in an artistic work between opposing forces or elements. The word itself can often scare us or even cause us to take a step back from an opportunity, but when harnessed appropriately, it can be a powerful tool. By honing in on the tension – instead of shying away from it – we are able to create balance.

"Great work is the result of seeking out tension, not avoiding it."

- Seth Godin, Best Selling Author & Former Executive

When we seek out this tension, we wander into a territory that feels a bit uncomfortable, but that’s okay – it’s actually the point. Here’s what this looks like in practice:

You’re looking to redesign your website. Don’t know why you would redesign? Here are at least nine reasons. A critical piece to your success will be the healthy tension between your account team. Your Business Manager will ensure that what is important to you, is important to us, and can champion your needs when you aren’t able to be in the room. While they are approaching every situation under this lens, your Project Manager will be hard at work pushing the many phases of the project forward. Joining forces with our Web Development experts, the team focuses on meeting and exceeding the requirements to achieve success (in this case, a best-in-class website), and collaborating with you to ensure you are involved at each step.

Hopefully you can see how this team approaches one situation, under two different lenses, but most importantly, how they open the door to the endless solutions we can create together.

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