Household Goods Shoppers Report 2019

Insights / 07.17.2019
Red Door /

7/28/2023 9:35:44 PM Red Door Interactive http://www.reddoor.biz Red Door Interactive

There is perhaps no greater representation of “brand loyalty” than the level of dedication a consumer has to their favorite household goods. That said, like any vertical, consumer behaviors evolve over time and so should your approach. To help marketers reach this audience and optimize their own shopping experiences, Red Door has developed the 2019 Household Goods Shopping Trends Report.

In this exclusive resource, we uncover comprehensive findings specific to household goods consumers to help brands identify the best channels to distribute products, where to make strategic investments, and how to navigate the complexity of the digital consumer experience. Included in our Household Goods Shoppers Report:

  • Sources currently leading household goods product discovery
  • Factors influencing decisions to buy offline or online
  • The impact of emerging e-commerce trends on household goods products
  • Consumer expectations for e-commerce websites
  • How Amazon.com influences product research
  • Tips for e-commerce brands to improve their digital experience
  • Insights
  • Brand Positioning
  • Consumer Research
  • Consumer Research & Segmentation
  • Industry & Competitor Insights
  • Marketing Strategy