Domopalooza 2019: Data Driven Marketing with Titleist Vokey

Insights / 03.21.2019
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In this Domopalooza 2019 breakout session, “Bring Confidence Into Play: Pairing Strategic Planning with Data to Transform Marketing,” Jeremy Stone from Titleist Vokey Wedges and John Faris from Red Door Interactive explain how upfront planning and ongoing use of Domo have helped Vokey transform this leading golf brand’s marketing efforts while driving real results for the business.

Data-Driven Marketing with Titleist Vokey

In 2016, Red Door Interactive (RDI) and the Vokey Wedge team at Titleist began to evaluate all areas of the Vokey marketing business. While Vokey’s marketing performance was strong, the siloed state of their marketing channel data created a significant challenge. With data living in different tools, managed by various experts, it was difficult for Vokey to make informed decisions quickly. The development of Domo dashboards sought to change this – allowing Vokey to not only visualize its data, but visualize the most significant data in one place.
Working hand in hand with Vokey's prominent marketing team members, RDI designed dashboards that ladder back to the brand’s key marketing objectives and strategies. By integrating Vokey’s core goals to drive education around their products, increase custom wedge-fitting opportunities, and boost eCommerce sales, Domo is able to serve not only as a data display tool, but a crucial decision tool. 
Today, Vokey maintains its use of Domo dashboards daily, noting its helpfulness in sparking key questions and their ability to leverage the tool to understand the precise actions that lead to better performance and efficiency. While the work between RDI and Vokey has been successful on paper, what has made it truly special has been the client relationship that developed as a result. With strategically aligned data at our finger tips, both teams now come to the table with an understanding of 'what' happened, allowing us to focus our time on 'how' we'll continue to grow & evolve moving forward.
Download our Session Takeaways for access to the following:

  • POSTT Framework (Purpose, Objective, Strategy, Tactics, and Target KPIs) to help build and maintain your marketing intelligence program.

  • 5 Discovery Questions to ask yourself before planning your marketing dashboards.

  • Google Analytics Implementation Guide for a checklist of common issues and useful enhancements


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