Digital Marketing Trends: What to expect in 2016

Insights / 02.22.2016
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As technology becomes ever smarter and faster, unique cultural trends have emerged that capture the lifestyle values of a changing modern audience. By becoming more aware of consumer trends and how they affect behaviors and beliefs, marketers have the invaluable opportunity to enter into these evolving spaces and create a positive presence. The more you understand the various touch points of the consumer mindset, the more you can connect with them, and the more successful you will be on achieving business goals. 

Marketing Trends to Expect in 2016

  • I in Identity: Consumers are pushing the concept of identity beyond external characteristics and toward internalized traits.

  • Head Rules Heart: Consumers are applying a more ordered, "mind first" model to their emotional lives.

  • Talking in Pictures: A common visual vocabulary of emojis and GIFs helps convey more than words can say.

  • Trolling for Purpose: Consumers are co-opting social media to raise awareness of issues that matter to them.

Check out what our Red Door experts have to say on today’s consumer trends, and the digital implications they have on your 2016 marketing strategies.

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