Content Marketing: California Avocado 2015 Site Redesign

Work / 11.30.2015
Red Door

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Red Door Interactive redesigned the CaliforniaAvocado.com website to optimize and modernize the online experience for consumer and trade audiences. Other goals included improving design and functionality to promote key messages and content, and to position California Avocados as a premium fruit. Red Door redesigned their website 5 years ago and were trusted to take on the redesign again.

Objectives & Goals:

  • Position California Avocados as a leader in the avocado marketing category.

  • Lead the industry in consumer communication.

  • Improve the back-end technical functionality with more advanced client-side CMS capabilities.

  • Eliminate content that lacked user engagement.


  • Established an integrated approach to developing a website with cross-channel application.

  • Optimized website for smartphone and tablet devices through responsive design.

  • Communicated better visually to enhance the overall site experience.

  • Simplified global navigation, making it easier to scan with labels representative of site content within.

  • Cross-linked related information increasing engagement throughout website sections.

  • Allowed for segmentation on recipe newsletter form so subscribers stay engaged with relevant content.

  • Integrated social content and blog for a unified website experience.



  • Conducted in-depth, cross-channel, content audit to identify high-value content from the old californicaavocado.com.

  • Identified new content topics relevant to the website audience through cross-channel collaboration.

  • Developed easy to use recipe category menu system.

  • Simplified recipe detail view in a layout making it easy to read.

  • Added Disqus comments option, creating an environment to engage.

  • Built responsive design to improve the experience for cross-device visitors.

  • Increased size of social icons and on-page sharing feature.

What Made This Different:

  • Developed new, cross-channel, data-driven and consumer-centric approach to website redesign.

  • Deployment of Kentico CMS.

  • Enhanced on-site search.

  • Integrated the California Avocado blog with the website to boost overall site traffic post-launch.


  • Boosted California Avocado Commission’s engagements across the entire site.

  • Effectively collaborated with content and SEO.

  • Told the story of California Avocado effectively through content structuring the site with SEO in mind to ensure optimization.

  • Helped boost organic performance, sessions, page views, and recipe views even post-launch even post-launch.

  • One month after launch, California Avocado saw an increase in traffic, instead of a decrease, commonly seen in most website redesigns in the first few months.

  • Reached new all-time high for traffic in April 2015 with 290K total sessions, (14.9% increase).


Key People in Client Side:

  • The success of this project is attributed to the efficient workflow process and positive collaboration with our client contact, Zac Benedict.
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