BuzzStream Article Feature: How to Kick the Habit of Reporting Like a Link Builder

Insights / 09.11.2014

4/22/2024 7:04:31 PM Red Door Interactive http://www.reddoor.biz Red Door Interactive

Red Door Interactive’s SEO Strategist, Trung Ngo, shares with BuzzStreamHow to Kick the Habit of Reporting Like a Link Builder.  If you are a business who wants to catch more eyes, this article will not only challenge your thinking in outreach marketing, it will also give you the inside scoop on outreach marketing, SEO, and productivity. Here is an excerpt from the article:

Outreach marketing aligns the client’s brand with people who have the ability to influence consumer preference in the respective industry. Links are just the cherry on top.
Here’s what we need to include in outreach marketing campaign performance reports to better communicate our value:

  • Impressions and engagement on brand-related influencer tweets using TweetReach

  • Social shares and total count of comments on brand-related articles from influencers using URL Profiler

  • Comparison of outreach response rates and campaign goal completion rates for influencers with whom we have a pre-existing relationship to those where we do not have an existing relationship using data from BuzzStream

Read the full BuzzStream article here.

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