Beer Brand Marketing: A Digital Competitive Analysis

Insights / 05.10.2017
Red Door

4/22/2024 7:01:41 PM Red Door Interactive http://www.reddoor.biz Red Door Interactive

In preparation for American Craft Beer Week, our Denver office engineered a digital competitive assessment for the three things we care about most: digital marketing, local Colorado brands, and beer! We used our expertise to evaluate how six local breweries were performing various digital marketing tactics, including site effectiveness, social media presence, marketing power, mobile experience and online brand sentiment. Take a look below to learn more about the digital marketing landscape within the brewing industry and which brands lead the way with their digital strategy.


With competition increasing within the craft brewery landscape, it’s no surprise that digital marketing strategy can make or break an otherwise successful brand. From this competitive assessment, our top performing brand, New Belgium, is leading the way with a superior, overall digital strategy. That said, closely ranking brands are making increasingly creative decisions, while introducing new, engaging content every day. To learn more about our digital competitive assessment and how we arrived at the scores for specific categories, leave a comment below or contact us here.

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