Artificial Intelligence: 10 Times the Humans Won

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AI and Humans: How Does the Future Look?

With artificial intelligence becoming more of an influence on our day-to-day lives than ever before, it can be a bit uncomfortable to see it portrayed in TV shows and movies: what was once only considered to be sci-fi now feels a little too real. But if you're wondering whether AI will one day dominate us all, keep in mind that the special quality of human touch is not so easily replaced. For cinematic proof, check out our list of 10 times humans triumphed over machines in popular films (huge spoiler alert!). 

10 Times Humans Won

1. Resident Evil 
When it comes to manipulative, evil AI in movies, the Red Queen from the Resident Evil films sits at the top of the list. Hell-bent on killing everything inside her walls, including our protagonist, this evil AI is eventually bested by our main character Alice who manages to escape and go on to have a whole franchise based on her adventures. 
2. Bladerunner
Set in the not-so-distant future, AI is just about everywhere in Bladerunner—but it's the Replicants that we remember most. Eventually, weathered and worn-down detective Deckard beats the last of the Replicants in a showdown, proving once again that man is superior to machine, even in a future where AI looks just like us. 
3. The Matrix
This classic, well-loved trilogy starring Keanu Reeves has more than its fair share of AI technology, with The Matrix itself set in a virtual world created by rogue robots who have both imprisoned and fed off of humanity for many years. But thanks to Neo's miraculous powers, and a little help from his friends, the robots lose—and the humans live to see another day, in a new world. 
4. The Terminator

The Terminator, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, is based around a robot sent from the future and an evil machine known as Skynet. This action film is a true triumph of humanity over robotics, with our heroine Sarah Connor escaping unscathed while the Terminator is blown to pieces. 
5. Alien
While Alien is known more for the ambiguously evil Xenomorphs and their murderous tendencies, a secondary enemy in the famous series has always been the androids—often following orders from the corrupt organization who wishes the Alien to be brought back at any cost. Luckily, Ripley saves the day in the first few films, and protagonists continue to triumph against rogue AI in the Alien sequels and prequels. 
6. Ghost in the Shell
While this may seem like a story of AI vs. AI, main character Major is very much on the side of humanity, using her augmented body to fight alongside her companions, and defeat a corrupt organization alongside the AI it utilizes to cause harm and devastation to others.  
7. I, Robot
I, Robot is a movie all about the concept of AI, and what it means. At the heart of the plot is VIKI, or the Virtual Interactive Kinetic Intelligence, an AI who has decided that the rules of Asimov no longer applies to robots. Fortunately, Will Smith defeats this threat to humanity, thanks to his own AI partner, and humankind wins once again. 
8. Star Wars 
A series primarily known for its epic battles and lightsaber scenes, it can be easy to forget about all the AI within the Star Wars universe, from the simple droids to the more complex droidekas that make up a lot of the Dark Side's forces. These creatures might be easily defeated, but in large numbers still prove a significant threat to humanity—though not one that can't be overcome. 
9. The Avengers: Age of Ultron

If you're looking for the ultimate AI battle, look no further than the fight against Ultron—the main enemy of the Avengers in one of their big title films, and created from a combination of Tony Stark's Iron Man suit and his own JARVIS AI. This vicious enemy certainly gave the Avengers trouble, but ultimately, Ultron just couldn't beat the best humanity had to offer. 
10. Tron
The Master Control Program, a powerful AI system, is the primary antagonist in the first Tron film, enslaving other programs and stealing data to make itself more powerful. Thankfully, this tyrannical AI can be destroyed by heroes Flynn and Tron, restoring peace to the digital world and proving, once again, that humanity is superior. 

While these robots and story arcs are made for big screen entertainment, the reality is that some of the AI we see is not so far off—in fact, many of these technologies are possible now. With recent advancements in AI, especially as it pertains to digital marketing tactics and how brands are utilizing it to reach current and potential consumers, this is only the beginning. From the creepy "Sophia" robot’s rise to prominence in 2017 and the complete infiltration of smart home technology in our daily lives, to AI for content production and robotic process automation, artificial intelligence is only going to continue to improve and enhance. But when it comes to humans vs. AI, let’s just remember one crucial thing: Bad data makes for dumb robots. And data is a product of the human touch. 

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