Amazon Marketing Strategy – Building Your eCommerce Game Plan

Insights / 02.08.2018
Red Door

7/31/2023 12:51:25 PM Red Door Interactive http://www.reddoor.biz Red Door Interactive

Amazon has reached the point of “not optional” for brands with products to sell. Even for brands that do not have ecommerce on their website. The challenge for brands, though, is that “dipping the toe” or “throwing money” at Amazon is not going to be an effective strategy. Amazon requires an intricate alchemy of tactics, from the set-up and brand activation to the optimization of product pages and bids in the advertising auction, to see success on the platform.


  • Seller Central versus Vendor Central

  • Maintaining Seller Credibility through Brand Registry and Brand Gating

  • How to Police Your Brand

  • The “SEO-ing” of Your Product Listings

  • Paid Advertising Tactics

  • The Potential for Social Media on Amazon


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