2018 Google Partners Summit: Event Recap

Insights / 11.20.2018
Adam Golesh / Sr. Digital Analyst

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Recently, Red Door Interactive had the opportunity to partake in the annual Google Marketing Platform Partner Summit in San Francisco. This year’s Summit brought together 600 partners spanning 63 countries for a week of collaboration, a showcase of product upgrades, and hands-on advanced training.

Aptly titled, Forward as One, the Summit provided attendees a closer look at updates Google is making to their marketing platform as well as other major developments within the realm of digital analytics.

What is the Google Marketing Platform?

The Google Marketing Platform, or GMP, is “a unified advertising and analytics platform for smarter marketing and better results.” The platform offers something for every digital marketer: paid integrations such as Search Ads 360 and Display & Video 360 (DoubleClick), and non-paid tools such as Google Analytics, Salesforce, Tag Manager (GTM), Data Studio, Optimize, and Surveys.

GMP’s toolset allows digital marketers to flow seamlessly across major marketing touchpoints: discovery, execution, analysis, testing, management, and more. While the standalone tools in the GMP mix are not groundbreaking on their own, when combined and moved “forward as one,” digital marketers can benefit from a more impactful experience.  

“Forward as One” and a New Understanding of Audiences

As it pertains to the understanding and tracking of the digital landscape, Google is unrivaled. Marketers rely on Google’s comprehensive Digital Analytics platform, allowing for the reporting, analysis, and testing of marketing efforts. When combined with the GMP, the already-robust Analytics platform can analyze audience discovery and development, an ongoing and increasingly important task for analysts.

These types of audience insights mean that marketing teams can now focus their time on discovering highly profitable audiences in Google Analytics and sharing those audiences for media targeting and bid modification, a giant step forward in creating more 360 marcomm efforts.

As a result, targeting just got more granular. Because of audience data now available in Google Analytics, meaningful and impactful questions can be answered, such as:

How is the tailored on-site experience and messaging resonating for in-market users that frequent the site multiple times a week, but fail to purchase?

With GMP, creating custom audience segments like, “frequent visitor,” “in-market,” “non-purchaser,” etc., can be shared and optimized for a custom on-site experience, as well as off-site via Display & Video 360 for custom messaging. 

GMP Takeaways

The Google Marketing Platform, in conjunction with digital updates across the Internet, will continue to have wide-ranging impact on virtually all industries. With GMP, marketers will become faster, smarter, and more advanced, creating competitive advantages for the organizations that can properly leverage the platform and move Forward as One.
Want to learn more about the Google Marketing Platform, and how you can unlock its potential for your brand? We've got you covered, drop us a line today.

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