2015 Bosch Home Appliances Case Study (Optimization)

Work / 01.07.2016

7/26/2023 10:14:55 PM Red Door Interactive http://www.reddoor.biz Red Door Interactive


Bosch is a leader in home appliance manufacturing. Red Door Interactive is the Digital Agency of Record (AOR) for Bosch. Red Door Interactive set several objectives with Bosch heading into 2015 to drive awareness, increase conversion rates, and improve consideration. Throughout the year, Bosch dominated the competition in the digital space.

Objectives & Goals:

  • Improve consideration through custom content
  • Increase dealer searches and conversion rates 
  • Drive record awareness and visits to Bosch.com


  • Geo-targeted dealer showrooms to create exposure for our partners
  • Implemented and promoted video
  • Increased search visibility through keyword optimization


  • Drove a record total of 524 million impressions to in-market consumers 

  • Increased web visits from media by 230% 

  • Mobile delivered 48 million impressions and 500k clicks within a 5-mile radius of dealer showroom  

  • Increased engagement by 800% through custom content pages

  • Delivered over 300k online dealer location views

  • Top video assets have more than 2 million views

  • Search visibility has grown 21% year-over-year

  • Bosch appears on the first page of Google for over 2,000 keywords

  • Bosch ranks first for 107 of top 150 keywords over the competition

Key People on Red Door Side + Client Side:

The success of this project is attributed to the efficient workflow process and positive collaboration with Erika Gervin and Stephanie Guinnane.

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