Speaker Series: Leveraging Consumer Mindsets to Increase Sales

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04.27.2017 / 11:02 AM

5/16/2017 8:30:00 AM / 8:30 AM San Diego. CA 5/9/2017 7:02:11 PM Red Door Interactive Red Door Interactive
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About the event

In ​today’s ​fast-paced ​world, ​finding ​the ​modern ​consumer ​can ​feel ​like ​a ​moving ​target. ​As ​new ​buying ​channels ​emerge, ​brands ​will ​need ​a ​better ​understanding ​of ​the ​buyer’s ​mindset ​to ​ensure ​they ​have ​the ​right ​content ​in ​the ​right ​spaces. ​For ​our ​next ​Speaker ​Series ​event, ​we’ll ​hear ​from ​our ​own ​President ​& ​CEO ​about ​the ​different ​buying ​channels ​and ​how ​they ​are ​changing ​the ​marketing ​landscape.

Then, ​we’re ​bringing ​in ​an ​Amazon ​specialist, ​Kusha ​Karvandi, ​to ​share ​how ​consumers ​buy ​on ​this ​channel, ​and ​ways ​you ​can ​incorporate ​it ​as ​part ​of ​your ​marketing ​plan. ​Not ​only ​will ​you ​find ​out ​whether ​or ​not ​Amazon ​is ​right ​for ​you, ​but ​we’ll ​provide ​examples ​of ​how ​you ​can ​leverage ​Amazon ​for ​your ​brand ​and ​adapt ​your ​own ​omnichannel ​strategy. ​ 

About speakers

Reid Carr

President & CEO

With over 15 years of digital marketing experience, Reid has built Red Door Interactive to change the very nature in which marketing firms service mid-sized companies. His emphasis in developing campaigns that are both highly creative and yet built on a solid foundation of data analytics means each initiative Red Door executes on behalf of its clients generates quantifiable business results.

Kusha Karvandi

Kusha is an e-commerce entrepreneur and Amazon strategist. Having launched over 100 different products on Amazon, Kusha has become an expert in how to leverage the world's greatest e-commerce platform. He has experience with nearly every product category, and has developed a system to success with selling digital and physical products online.

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