Kentico User Group: Seattle

RDI Hosted
11.08.2018 / 9:00 AM / Seattle, WA

11/8/2018 9:00:13 AM / 9:00 AM Bothell. WA 10/22/2018 9:53:10 PM Red Door Interactive Red Door Interactive

About the event

Each ​quarter, ​we ​bring ​together ​local ​Kentico ​experts, ​newbies, ​and ​everyone ​in-between ​to ​discuss ​their ​business ​successes, ​challenges, ​and ​share ​how ​they ​are ​leveraging ​Kentico ​to ​move ​organizations ​forward. ​On ​November ​8, ​our ​host ​Red ​Door ​Interactive ​will ​take ​you ​on ​a ​journey ​to ​a ​Voice-First ​world ​using ​Kentico. ​Here’s ​what ​you ​need ​to ​know: ​ 

Preparing ​Your ​Website ​for ​a ​Voice-First ​World 

Is ​your ​website ​voice-ready? ​Voice ​accessible ​content ​is ​already ​here ​– ​it ​makes ​up ​35% ​of ​all ​web ​searches ​and ​is ​expected ​to ​reach ​50% ​by ​2020. ​Are ​your ​users ​finding ​your ​website ​when ​they ​ask ​for ​your ​business ​by ​name? ​Are ​they ​finding ​you ​with ​conversational ​keywords? ​Is ​your ​website ​prepared ​to ​deliver ​the ​right ​answers ​to ​your ​customer's ​spoken ​questions? ​In ​this ​session, ​we’ll ​walk ​you ​through ​how ​to ​update ​your ​pages ​to ​handle ​voice ​searches ​and ​questions, ​giving ​you ​clear ​road ​map ​to ​optimize ​and ​ready ​your ​website ​content ​for ​a ​voice-first ​world. ​ ​ 

Our ​User ​Group ​session ​will ​set ​you ​up ​for: 

​Developing ​a ​Voice-First ​Strategy 
  • ​Voice, ​Data, ​and ​Privacy ​(Oh, ​my!) ​– ​Understand ​the ​privacy ​implications ​of ​voice ​data 
  • ​Goodbye, ​Texting ​– ​Explore ​voice’s ​potential ​to ​reach ​new, ​untapped ​markets 

Building ​Your ​Voice-First ​Content 
  • Voice ​Search ​(Content ​Discovery) 
    • ​Understand ​how ​users ​are ​searching ​for ​your ​industry ​terms ​via ​voice 
    • ​Develop ​relevant ​content ​to ​capture ​those ​users ​from ​search ​engines 
    • Leverage ​structured-data ​opportunities ​to ​improve ​voice ​interactions ​ 
    • Understand ​the ​situations ​where ​voice ​search ​is ​most ​popular, ​and ​how ​that ​will ​​influence ​content ​consumption 
      • Consider ​the ​unique ​situations ​where ​your ​customers ​might ​prefer ​voice ​over ​keyboard 
      • ​Find ​ways ​to ​connect ​the ​initial ​voice ​interaction ​with ​in-depth ​research ​that ​​takes ​place ​using ​keyboard 
​Voice ​Accessibility 
  • ​Techniques ​and ​best ​practices ​to ​make ​your ​site ​content ​voice ​accessible 
​Future-Proofing ​Your ​Website 
  • Will ​voice ​kill ​the ​website? ​– ​Imagine ​a ​world ​where ​there ​are ​no ​websites 
  • Using ​Kentico ​Cloud ​to ​build ​a ​“voice-first” ​experience 

Can’t ​make ​it ​to ​the ​event? ​Tune ​in ​online

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Who should attend?


  • 9:00am-9:30am: ​​Networking ​​& ​​light ​​breakfast ​ 
  • 9:30am-10:30am: ​​Presentation ​​ ​ 
  • 10:30am-11:00am: ​​Networking

About speakers

Ron Hadler

Sr. Director, Marketing Technology

Ron has over 20 years of development experience across platforms, languages and verticals.  Ron architects websites using enterprise content management systems, develops digital requirements, provides content engineering and builds BI dashboards for Red Door’s clients.

Ross Briggs

Director, SEO

Ross Briggs is a digital marketing professional with experience in positions spanning both agency and in-house. As Red Door Interactive's Director of SEO, he specializes in inbound marketing strategy and tactics to increase a website's organic visibility.

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