Don’t Hire a Data Scientist (Yet): Prepping Your Data for AI, BI, and Personalization

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04.25.2019 / 8:30 AM

4/25/2019 8:30:00 AM / 8:30 AM San Diego. CA 4/6/2019 5:28:40 AM Red Door Interactive Red Door Interactive

About the event

Your ​competitors ​are ​using ​data ​science ​and ​machine ​learning ​to ​reduce ​churn, ​increase ​conversion ​rates, ​and ​turn ​marketing ​into ​a ​profit ​center. ​So, ​you’ve ​probably ​already ​hired ​a ​Data ​Scientist, ​or ​plan ​to ​soon. ​But ​chances ​are ​they ​won’t ​be ​successful ​or ​stick ​around ​very ​long, ​unless ​your ​customer ​data ​is ​prepped ​appropriately. ​Same ​goes ​for ​Personalization ​and ​Business ​Intelligence ​(BI). ​Like ​any ​machine, ​the ​quality ​of ​the ​results ​is ​only ​as ​good ​as ​the ​quality ​of ​what ​goes ​in. ​Artificial ​intelligence ​(AI), ​personalization, ​and ​BI ​platforms ​can ​be ​powerful ​tools ​to ​help ​you ​predict ​and ​influence ​outcomes, ​but ​you ​need ​to ​operationalize ​your ​data ​first, ​before ​you ​can ​get ​the ​most ​from ​your ​data ​science ​professionals ​and ​marketing ​technology. ​ ​ 

Presented ​in ​partnership ​with ​Tealium ​- ​an ​industry ​leader ​in ​real-time ​customer ​data ​orchestration, ​our ​panel ​of ​experts ​will ​lay ​out ​the ​roadmap ​for ​data ​readiness ​– ​a ​prerequisite ​to ​data ​science ​– ​and ​help ​you ​pace ​accordingly. ​From ​tracking, ​analyzing, ​diagnosing, ​predicting, ​to ​finally ​influencing ​data, ​we’ll ​provide ​you ​with ​the ​key ​strategies ​at ​every ​step ​in ​the ​data ​operationalization ​process, ​so ​you ​can ​start ​implementing ​the ​prescriptive ​analytics ​that ​leads ​to ​business ​success. ​ 

The ​AI ​revolution ​isn’t ​coming; ​it’s ​already ​here. ​It’s ​time ​to ​get ​data-ready. ​ ​ 

Event Agenda:

  • 8:30am-9:00am: ​Check ​in ​& ​Networking 
  • 9:00am-10:00am: ​Panel ​Discussion
  • ​10:00am-10:30am: ​Networking

About speakers

John Faris


As President at Red Door Interactive, John supports our team of all-star creatives, analysts, and cross-channel marketing experts. He began his career in sales & marketing roles, after earning his MBA in 2003. In 2006, he left his in-house position to join Red Door Interactive in a Search Marketing role. Since then, he’s grown through the ranks, broadening his expertise and influence. Now he uses his 15+ years of brand and performance marketing experience to help solve in-house marketers' biggest problems.

Andy Batten

Principal Analytics Engineer

Andy is a Sr. Strategist of Technical Analytics at Red Door Interactive. He has over 10 years of experience in the field of digital analytics, acquiring skills and expertise across a variety of technologies and platforms including WebTrends, CoreMetrics, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and many more. Having sharpened his skills across multiple Fortune 500 companies and industries such as media, telecom, ecommerce, health & fitness, and B2B, Andy now manages the rapidly-growing team of Analysts at Red Door Interactive, developing insights and strategies from clickstream, search, social, and qualitative data. Andy earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Adams State College.

Ron Hadler

VP, Data & Innovation

Ron has over 20 years of development experience across platforms, languages and verticals.  Ron architects websites using enterprise content management systems, develops digital requirements, provides content engineering and builds BI dashboards for Red Door’s clients.

Ted Sfikas

Director of Solutions Consultants North America & LATAM - Tealium

Ted Sfikas is the North American Director of Tealium's Solution Consultants organization, a team that works with Tealium customers to build strategic solutions that work with the Universal Data Hub and automate the Data Supply Chain. He has over 17 years of experience with a number of leading organizations within Digital Marketing, Social platforms, SaaS-based telephony and messaging firms, ITSM portfolios and automated Quality Assurance technologies.

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