Shea Homes: Growing a brand, family-first

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Shea Homes is a privately held new home builder, and has been a family-owned business from the start. As they continued to grow, Shea needed to harness the unique experience of stepping into one of their homes, and extend it into the digital space.

We started working with the San Diego division of Shea Homes in 2010, aiding their local sales efforts. From there, our work quickly grew into full online-offline support for all Shea communities across the country.

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Bringing new innovations to market

Through the success of our brand initiatives for the San Diego division, we began supporting Shea’s overarching brand, as well as their active adult segment, Trilogy®. In part, this meant being entrusted with bringing new products to market, such as a luxury community and a home design innovation. It also meant being offered a seat at the Shea table, weighing in on executive strategies like a member of their team.

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1 Channel Island

As the “crown jewel” of the Shea properties, 1 Channel Island needed to feel elevated and unique, while still maintaining the Shea tone of warmness and sincerity. To achieve this, we developed a full identity package, including consumer research, logo design, tagline development, and all promotional collateral.

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Shea3D® product launch

Shea was getting ready to roll out their brand-new home feature, Shea3D, and needed our support to successfully bring it to market. So we developed a promotion plan to generate awareness and education around the product, including the development of a new logo and the creation of a Shea3D landing page.

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Bringing the brand to life online

Shea truly builds one-of-a-kind communities, and we believe that anyone will recognize the difference the moment they step foot on a property—but the challenge is getting them there. That’s why we’re continually finding ways to drive users from online to in-person, through tactics such as marketing toolkits, our full-funnel ownership of corporate marketing, and the merge of Shea and Trilogy into one website redesign.

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As a partner in the growth of the Shea brand, we create and facilitate strategic initiatives to educate and empower company stakeholders, setting them up for success. This includes Content Marketing Strategy & Toolkits, corporate campaigns with regional deployment plans, and Google Analytics trainings to help arm Shea’s marketing teams with the data they need to make smart business decisions.

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As the owners of Trilogy’s online ecosystem, in 2016 we were tasked with providing recommendations to overcome a reoccurring sales challenge that the company was facing. By the strength of our insights and approach, we are now doubling our online efforts, running nationwide campaigns for all Trilogy communities. website redesign

We launched this website redesign project with specific goals in mind—the site had to meet the needs of many different types of homebuyers in various phases of the process, while also giving them a glimpse of the Shea lifestyle through captivating imagery and an elevated experience. After a long journey through planning, design, and development, the new site not only met all of the project goals, but also built upon key features such as a robust home search, on-domain master plan pages, and a customer portal.

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Shea Apartments website redesign

On the heels of the project, we extended our partnership within the Shea Family of Companies with a website redesign for Shea Apartments. Working closely with the Shea Apartments team, we not only improved the user experience and functionality of the site, but also established website styles and templates for individual communities to customize and update, allowing them to express the unique flavor of their properties while remaining consistent with the overall brand.

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Celebrating accomplishments together

The relationship that we’ve developed with Shea is one that truly feels like family, and as a family, we overcome obstacles together, challenge the brand together—and celebrate accomplishments together. Whether it’s a milestone event, a company achievement, or simply an amazing piece of work, we’ve made big strides as a team, and are seen as a partner that’s helped Shea get to where they are today.

100,000th Home Closing

As a private, family-owned business, closing 100,000 homes is a huge testament to the brand. As part of the celebration, we helped commemorate and share this accomplishment.

Looking Ahead

Our work with Shea Homes over the years has truly been a partnership in the making—whether it's evolving the way we communicate the Shea brand to consumers, providing support for all online marketing efforts, or commemorating the milestones that show us how far we’ve come, the growth of the brand has always been at the heart of everything we do, and everything we will continue to do.

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