SDG&E: Redefining the future of clean energy

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San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E), a regional leader in the energy sector, wanted to increase awareness around the impact their clean energy services have on both a local and national scale.

We partnered with the SDG&E team to create unique, custom, creative campaigns that could highlight the work that they are doing to improve San Diego and Southern Orange County’s footprint, as well as their continued commitment to the future of clean energy innovation.

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Powering up the community grid

In order to encourage more people to drive electric vehicles (EVs) and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, SDG&E launched several energy initiatives that make it easier to own an EV. To help them get the word out, we built the “It’s On” campaign from the ground up. First, we had to strategize a way to share how easy, affordable, and fun it is to own an electric vehicle in San Diego. Then, we had to develop a delivery plan that would capture our audience’s attention and entice them to flip the switch.

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Research & strategy

Following a deep dive into current consumer needs and developing trends within the electric vehicle industry, we created the “It’s On” campaign to raise awareness, educate the consumer of the benefits, and activate their journey of discovery into the unique benefits EVs could bring to their family.

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Communication & media plan

With the campaign defined, we developed an immersive and far-reaching plan that mapped out the launch and life of the “It’s On” campaign across the digital landscape on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, as well as unique environmental out-of-home opportunities.

Asset development & launch

Once the media plan was set, we got to work on developing the creative assets. Our “It’s On” campaign included: logo development, an animated video series, banner ads, social ads, social videos, a landing page, trolley and car wraps, EV charging station banners, gas station pump videos, car dealership glove kits, billboards, and an interactive kiosk app.

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It's On Video

We created the It's On video to be the anchor of the campaign, to educate San Diego on how convenient it is to drive EVs. The video was shown everywhere from TV to local gas station pump monitors.

It's On Video
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Tapping into a history of clean energy innovation

San Diego is fast becoming a leader in the clean energy industry, both within the local community and across the U.S.—and SDG&E has played a big part in that role. To truly harness this leadership position, we helped SDG&E spread awareness of their existing and ever-evolving clean energy initiatives to inspire the community to get involved and take pride in how their city is advancing clean energy.

Reverse graffiti campaign

To highlight the work that SDG&E is doing in the community for renewable energy, we developed a “reverse graffiti” campaign that would highlight some of their impressive achievements and statistics in a visually interesting way. The campaign combined print, environment, and event marketing, including airport billboards and charging table skins, and TV ads featured at local Petco Park.

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Reaching out to the community

Beyond supporting SDG&E in their outward-facing awareness campaigns, we also worked closely with them on an internal level to help them share and present the ideas that can make a big impact on our community. As a strategic partner, we are always open to provide whatever help we can, knowing how important the nuances are to larger successes down the line.

Community outreach support campaign

SDG&E needed to present an opportunity to improve the current natural gas pipeline in the county. To help them deliver their campaign message, we developed a robust presentation for them to use in key stakeholder and town hall meetings. The presentation included easy-to-understand visuals, and could be customized to the audience in order to get across the most captivating story.

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Looking ahead

From the “It’s On” Campaign driven by a desire to boost local adoption of electric vehicles, to the educational clean energy campaigns and community outreach, we’ve helped SDG&E contribute to the growth and evolution of San Diego as a community, while investing in the success of future generations. We are excited as SDG&E’s initiatives continue to evolve, and look forward to the expanded adoption of clean energy across the country.  

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