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9/1/2021 8:19:14 PM Red Door Interactive Red Door Interactive

ASICS, an athletic gear company dedicated to the holistic wellness of both mind and body, already had a passionate audience of sports enthusiasts—they just needed to be able to reach them.

We started our relationship with ASICS in 2013, beginning with an SEO keyword research project. The success of this first project initiated our ongoing SEO retainer work for the brand, including the huge task of migrating ASICS’ entire domain to a new commerce platform.

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Breaking into Social Media

Though our first SEO wins were big milestones for us, we kept looking ahead, finding new ways to not only create brand awareness, but brand advocacy. In 2014, our cross-channel efforts supporting ASICS’ sponsorship of the 2014 LA Marathon led to an ongoing social media retainer, and by the 2015 LA Marathon, our campaign generated the highest ever engagement on ASICS’ social channels at that time.

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2014 LA Marathon

We organized a team of digital influencers to help increase blogger-generated content around ASICS and the 2014 LA Marathon. The collaboration of SEO and content marketing not only improved ASICS’ search visibility, but helped them engage with the online running community like never before.

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2015 LA Marathon

To generate buzz around the marathon and make it relevant to a countrywide audience, we took an integrated approach to deliver engaging, real-time content to users. Our #LightsonLA hashtag trended as the No.2 topic, and ASICS’ social channels outperformed all competitor KPIs on race day.

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Spanning the Online-Offline Bridge

As our relationship developed, we started bringing ASICS’ campaigns on the ground. For the 2015 Gel Quantum shoe launch, we ran a social media campaign that successfully drove users from online to in-store, and in the NYC Marathon of the same year, we designed an online sign generator that inspired users to take their physical signs course-side on race day.

Gel Quantum 360 Photo Contest

We hosted the Where’s Gel-y? photo contest, sending users to participating local retailers to take part in a challenge for the chance to win a free pair of Gel Quantum 360s.

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"We couldn't have come this far in our partnership without the openness to candid feedback, undying passion and energy, and a genuine fondness of working together toward reaching a shared goal."
Red Line

2015 TCS NYC Marathon Sign Generator

We built an online sign generator that mixed and matched user-generated motivational phrases with different background options, creating a unique experience for both marathoners and their supporters.

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From Regional to Global

Through our successful execution of various regional campaigns, we began to focus on larger-scale efforts. We spearheaded the first globally coordinated launch of the MetaRun shoe in 2015, the strategic planning and promotion of ASICS’ 2016 Beat the Sun race, and the Power of Fans campaign that increased hype around a worldwide event.

Beat the Sun 2016

Beat the Sun is ASICS’ premier owned event, and we needed a strategy robust enough to blow it out on a global scale. So we executed a worldwide social media campaign and paired it with the creation of an event microsite, wrapping it up with live on-ground promotion in Chamonix, France.

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Power of Fans

Every four years, the world celebrates the ultimate athletic competition, but due to certain marketing restrictions, ASICS needed a unique way to be part of the consumer conversation. With our Power of Fans campaign, we focused less on the athletes themselves and more on the fans that motivate them, successfully inspiring positive hype around the event.

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#PowerOfFans | The Power In In The Proof | ASICS

Looking Ahead

From our first SEO project, to our first digital media campaign, to the international work we’re doing for the brand today, Red Door is now ASICS’ global partner of social media and their SEO agency. As we continue to evolve with the brand, we continue to reveal more exciting opportunities to partner with them—and we’re always still looking ahead.

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